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Collection of letters by Major Henry Livermore Abbott written to family and friends during the Civil War.
A personal final work by the Pulitzer Prize- and Presidential Medal of Freedom-winning author of The Story of Civilization, found decades after his death, shares counsel on the pursuit of a meaningful life based on his research into world philosophies, religions and sciences. 30,000 first printing.
Fallen Leaves by Melba Williams Fisher Fallen Leaves was written to inform the reader about Lewy Body Disease. It will take you through the land of no return. Lewy Bodies are small crystals in the brain. You must have a magnifying lens to find them. They can live about seven years from the time it starts until death. Melba Williams Fisher wrote Fallen Leaves from the notes she took while her husband was tragically experiencing these diseases. She wants to inform readers about Lewy Body Disease since there isn’t much known about it. Melba’s husband’s leaf weathered many strong storms. It amazed the doctors. Then one big storm came, and his leaf fell. The wind blew it toward heaven. We are all leaves from God’s Tree of Life. Some leaves hang on longer while others curl up and fall off.
Experience of the reception of "The Fallen Leaves" by intelligent readers, who have followed the course of the periodical publication at home and abroad, has satisfied me that the design of the work speaks for itself, and that the scrupulous delicacy of treatment, in certain portions of the story, has been as justly appreciated as I could wish. Having nothing to explain, and (so far as my choice of subject is concerned) nothing to excuse, I leave my book, without any prefatory pleading for it, to make its appeal to the reading public on such merits as it may possess. -- Wilkie Collins, GLOUCESTER PLACE, LONDON, July 1st, 1879

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