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A poignant story of two estranged sisters from the New York Times bestselling author of the Tradd Street novels. At twenty Cassie Madison left her hometown of Walton, Georgia, for New York City, where she has reinvented herself—from losing herself in her career to squashing her accent. But one night a single phone call brings back everything she's tried to forget. She hasn't spoken to her sister since Harriet stole Cassie's fiancé and married him. But now Harriet's on the line with news that their father is dying. As she makes the trip back, the only thing that frightens Cassie more than losing her father is seeing Harriet and the family that should have been hers. But she can't help loving her nephews and nieces any more than she can help feeling at home again in Walton. As she fights a surprising reaction to a forgotten friend, and faces an unexpected threat to the family she'd once left behind, Cassie comes to realize that moving on doesn't always mean moving away from who you are.
Brian had everything. A successful career, a loving family, and a beautiful fiancée. The perfect life. That is, until he learned of the ultimate betrayal by a man he considered a second father, a man to whom he owed much of his professional success.Still reeling from a broken engagement and disillusioned with relationships, crossing paths with Olivia Burke stirs up memories he had long ago put away. As questions about his personal quest for justice overwhelm him, so do thoughts of Olivia - the girl who once was his kindred spirit and entire world. His home. Their unexpected reencounter triggers old feelings and sends his life into a tailspin. Facing his own vulnerabilities is only the beginning. The uphill battle to regain her trust, when she's suffered her own share of heartbreak, is the challenge that follows.But it's been ten years. Will they get one last chance to make things right? Or will Brian learn that sometimes justice comes at too high a price?
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Falls and fall-related injuries among older adults have emerged as serious global health concerns, which place a burden on individuals, their families, and greater society. As fall incidence rates increase alongside our globally aging population, fall-related mortality, hospitalizations, and costs are reaching never seen before heights. Because falls occur in clinical and community settings, additional efforts are needed to understand the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that cause falls among older adults; effective strategies to reduce fall-related risk; and the role of various professionals in interventions and efforts to prevent falls (e.g., nurses, physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, health educators, social workers, economists, policy makers). As such, this Research Topic sought articles that described interventions at the clinical, community, and/or policy level to prevent falls and related risk factors. Preference was given to articles related to multi-factorial, evidence-based interventions in clinical (e.g., hospitals, long-term care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, residential facilities) and community (e.g., senior centers, recreation facilities, faith-based organizations) settings. However, articles related to public health indicators and social determinants related to falls were also included based on their direct implications for evidence-based interventions and best practices.
"Coming home was the last thing that globe-trotting photographer, Lucy Aarons wanted to do. "But after work-related issues force her to return to her hometown, Lucy must face the truths she's been hiding from all along. Avoiding her too-sexy next-door-neighbor proves impossible. Sheriff Alex Whitman is not the same boy she left behind years ago. Realizing Alex's steady presence is exactly what she craves, Lucy gives in to her desires. Just as the fire between them ignites, so does the town, as Alex investigates an arsonist who's hitting them both a little too close to home. As the circumstances around them heat up, and Lucy battles her instinct to bolt, the buildings may not be all that burn to the ground.
'Geography Of Home' is a meditative tour of the home. Busch looks at the emotional attachments we have to a house and the way those attachments change with time and technology.
Ben Bernanke's swearing in as Federal Reserve chairman in 2006 marked the end of Alan Greenspan's long, legendary career. To date, the new chair has garnered mixed reviews. Business economists see him as the best-qualified successor to Greenspan, while many traders and investors worry that he's too academic for the job. Meanwhile, many ordinary Americans do not even know who he is. How will Bernanke's leadership affect the Fed's actions in the coming years? How will Bernanke build on Greenspan's success, but also put his own stamp on the Fed? What will all this imply for businesses and investors? In Ben Bernanke's Fed, Ethan Harris provides exceptional insights into these crucial issues. As a leading "Fed watch" economist, Harris draws on Bernanke's academic research, his speeches as a governor of the Fed, and his first two years on the job to shed light on: · How the Federal Reserve analyzes and manages the economy using a synthesis of classical and Keynesian theory · Bernanke's strategies for fighting inflation · The implications of the new chair's remarkably plain-spoken style · How Bernanke has cultivated diverse viewpoints but still builds consensus within the Fed Engaging and discerning, this book demystifies the man who has stepped into what many describe as the second most powerful job in America.

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