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There is freedom from the torment of the enemy!
If today’s believers only knew the spiritual power for breakthrough that comes through fasting, they would practice it more! A breakthrough is a sudden spiritual burst that pushes us beyond our limitations and into deliverance and freedom. Many Christians are struggling with a need for guidance, deliverance from long-term issues, and answers to perplexing circumstances—and they desperately need breakthroughs. Furthermore, as the second coming of the Lord draws near, we are dealing with demonic powers that have never before been seen on the earth. Our need to pray and fast has intensified, because this is the only way we can be prepared to confront these destructive powers. Now is the time to press through to breakthrough by developing a lifestyle of fasting and prayer! Learn what fasting is, the different types of fasts and their benefits, and how to fast effectively. Fasting is one of the keys to entering the presence of God. Allow God to deliver you, transform you, and use you as a vessel of His supernatural power in the world as you discover how to enter into a Breakthrough Fast.“Your Father who sees [your fasting] in secret will reward you openly.” —Matthew 6:18
If you need deliverance from satanic oppressions, and breakthrough in your life, and need it fast, then this book is for you. Jesus said that there are situations that can only be resolved by prayer and fasting. In this manual, we are going to apply the force of fasting, combined with the power of the night to take our deliverance and breakthroughs by force. Fasting with MIDNIGHT PRAISES AND PRAYERS is a daring combination that will invoke the power from above to silence your oppressors and hand you the victory you deserve. The God that answers by fire will step into your life and situations and bring a complete turnaround. There is deliverance and breakthrough before youArise and possess your possessions. The night is when very serious spiritual influences, attacks and terrors take place. The night times is when what happens in the day-world are decided in the spirit. In this book, now UPDATED WITH BONUS CHAPTER ON 30 POWERFUL HEALING PRAYERS.... You'll learn what happens in the night when you pray, and you are going to stand in the gap for your own life, family, and business and push back the forces of darkness. You are going to release your husband/wife or partner from the bondage of the devil. You are going to command the freedom and prosperity of your children and family members. You are going to say, enough is enough. You are going to command your deliverance from spiritual attacks, evil dreams, invisible barriers. You are going to speak into the spirit atmosphere and command your detained angels of goodness to be released. In this 7 Days fasting Prayers & Declarations you will... Arrest Stubborn Situations,Break Free from Bad Habits,Release your Detained Blessings,Break Curses And Spells,Get Healed,Experience Total Freedom andReceive Divine DirectionIs there a persistent sickness in your body? Are you experiencing some setbacks in what you are doing? Are you experiencing some spiritual attack in your life and family? Are you experiencing disappointment in marriage? Are you doing your best in life, working hard, yet nothing to show for it? Are you a married woman without a child for many years now? Are you always having miscarriages, or other fertility problems? Do you notice you're always disappointed at the brink of anything good coming your way? Are you always landing from one trouble to another without any reasonable explanation? Do you notice that you regularly have one quarrel or the other with your wife/husband? Do you always have unexplainable evil dreams? Are you always having attacks and evil threats from evil people in your life and family? Are you trying to break free from bad habits? Do you desperately need a breakthrough in your life? Then the prayers in this book is what you need. The prayers in this book will bow any difficulty in your life. They will enable you to have unusual revelations that will give you direction. All closed doors against you will open - business wise, marriage wise, ministry-wise - after the prayers in this book. All the evil harassments and threats in your life and family will end after praying the prayers in this book. If you are looking for the fruit of the womb, you'll conceive. If your case is marriage disappointment, it will be settled. In this self Deliverance prayer book you will learn to pray.... Prayers to break bad habits.Prayers to Release Your Detained Blessings.Prayers to resolve marital problemsPrayers to get healing.Prayers to break free from spiritual attacksPrayers to overcome fear.Prayers to have a breakthrough.Prayers to get salvation for your family and childrenArise and shine for your light has come.And your glory is risen
In one of the best books available on the topic of fasting, Rosemarie Ramcharan explains the power of fasting for spiritual and physical breakthroughs, and offers insight to God
Break all Demonic Sieges and Restrictions Against Your Life and Release Your Blessings The Most Intensive Spiritual Warfare Deliverance Devotional to Deal with Strong & Stubborn Spiritual Problems, Break Evil Yokes, Destroy Controlling Powers, Reverse Curses, Spells and Activate Favors and Blessings. Discover Evil Doorways & Demonic Sieges Break Hidden Curses, Covenants & Ties Discover & Destroy Negative Strongholds Destroy Witchcraft & Wicked Spirits Destroy Marine Spirits, Spirit Husbands & Wives Deal With Evil Dreams & Demonic Messengers Break Generational /Family Tree Curses Obtain Total Deliverance & Healing Activate Favors, Blessings & Breakthroughs Release Your Spiritual Gifts and Experience Unusual Miracles Recently, God began to show me why many believers seem to have prayed and prayed and never obtained their deliverance and breakthrough. Starting with my own life the LORD showed me that there are many believers who are under a siege. The enemy has created a spiritual siege against them, forcing them to be locked out of their help and blessings. So they cry, wail, make positive declarations, sow seeds, yet still can't access their blessings and deliverance because of the power of the siege. All they need to do is re-strategize their prayers and begin to command the spiritual barricades against their lives to be destroyed. If you have prayed, commanded, made daily declarations, and even occasionally fasted, yet it still seems like there is something wrong somewhere; it still seems like there is a blockade over your life; it still seems like there is some kind of spiritual pursuit after you; you still feel like there is a cloud of darkness hovering over your life and family, then it's time to go full blast and give yourself no rest until the sieges are destroyed. In this book, I am going to lead you into a 21 days of earnest prayers to destroy any evil siege against your life. We are going to address different types of sieges that God is leading me to share with His people and we are going to break these sieges over your life and let you serve God in peace, sound health and prosperity. Here's what is covered in this book: Breaking the Sieges of the Enemies. Breaking Undesirable, Destructive Habits and Strongholds. Breaking Generational Strongholds and Curses from Family Lineage. Arresting Demonic Messengers and Monitoring Spirits Fashioned Against Your Life and Destiny. Killing Goliath (The Spirit of Fear, Panic and Intimidation). Killing Jezebel (The Spirit Witchcraft, Wickedness, Disfavor and Oppression) Killing the Python Spirit (The Spirit of Lies, Deception and False Accusations.) Reversing Curses and spells (Dealing with Balak and Balam) Defeating Territorial and Environmental Demons. Dealing With Marine Spirits, Spirit Husbands and Wives and Breaking Their Oppressions. Breaking Evil Soul Ties, Agreements and Covenants. Breaking Charismatic Control (Witchcraft). Defeating the Spirits of Infirmity (Deliverance from Afflictions and Pains). Sowing Prayer Seeds for Bountiful Returns. Prayers for Healing. Marital Restorations, Blessings and Breakthrough. Releasing Favor, Breakthrough and Financial Blessings. Prayers for Divine Direction. Praying with Paul: 'The Fruit of the Spirit' Declaring Your Victory and Claiming Answers to Your Prayers. Using Praises to Overturn the Enemy Restrictions
This Time-Tested Book Will Strengthen Your Faith, Drawing You Closer to God This comprehensive book is for you if you seek a closer walk with God, whether you wonder how to fast or you've been practicing this spiritual discipline for years. As you learn the clear biblical reasons for fasting, you'll also be introduced to nine biblical fasts that God can use for specific physical and spiritual outcomes. These include · The Disciple's Fast--to free yourself and others from addictions to sin · The Ezra Fast--to solve problems, inviting the Holy Spirit's aid · The Saint Paul Fast--to bring clearer perspective and insight in critical decision-making · The Daniel Fast--to gain a healthier life or healing Each fast includes its purpose and biblical basis, why or when to practice this fast, and a practical step-by-step guide as you prepare for it. Now included in the book are new stories from people who have found spiritual breakthroughs in fasting, study questions for individuals or groups, biblical references to fasting, a fasting glossary, and more.
The personal study guide leads individuals through the nine fasts described in Dr. Towns's bestselling book Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough. By the use of questions, the reader is guided through the different purposes and elements of each type of fast. It is for every Christian who is seeking a deeper relationship with God, a strengthened faith, an understanding of the relationship with God, and an understanding of the discipline of fasting. This study can be used by individuals for personal study or as a test for small Bible study groups.

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