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Fathers and sons share one of the most difficult, emotionally-charged relationships. Today, as more and more men begin to explore their intimate life, Father-Son Healing offers strategies for coming to terms with this relationship. Written in a friendly, informal style, the book contains thought-provoking, easy-to-follow exercises useful for individual readers or professionals working with men's groups. The exercises identify the distinguishing fea-tures of the father-son relationship and explain the consequences of this relationship on men's lives. Through Father-Son Healing, readers will learn how to resolve linger-ing unfinished business, anticipate the inevitable changes brought by aging, and overcome cultural stereotypes that hin-der their relationships.
In 1930, four decades after the surrender of Geronimo, anthropologist Grenville Goodwin headed south in search of a rumored band of "wild" Apaches in the Sierra Madre. Goodwin's journals chronicling his epic search have been edited and annotated by his son, Neil, who was born three months before his father's tragic death at the age of thirty-three. Neil Goodwin uses the journals to engage in a dialogue with the father he never knew.
Alfred Collins examines a variety of ancient and cultural models to create an image of the archetypal masculine which he calls the "fatherson" archetype.
A secret from Christians past haunts him following the murder of one friend, the suicide of another, and his wifes fatal car accident. Christian searches for a connection between his secret and these recent deaths. At the core of My Fathers Son is the dysfunctional relationship between Christian and his father. This father-son dynamic is a central theme as the relationships between the four main characters and their fathers unfold. Discovering Christians secret is only the beginning; each succeeding chapter brings a new revelation. In the end, this is a story of the redemptive power of friendship, family, and love.
WHAT IF YOUR FATHER ISN'T WHO YOU THOUGHT HE WAS? "I turn up the volume as a woman at a news desk announces, ‘This just in...the alleged DB25 monster has been arrested.' Good. The camera switches from the anchor to a mug shot...and it is my face—or at least my face as it will look thirty years from now...A new image replaces the full-screen mug shot as I see two cops hustling my handcuffed father into the back of a police car." Kevin has to face the worst imaginable possibility: that his father may be the man responsible for a series of vicious killings. How much does he really know about his father? "A fast-paced and sometimes disturbing look at families and violent crime and its many victims, seen and unseen." - Kirkus Reviews

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