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Three exquisite little flip books featuring von Teese's most popular burlesque performances, as photographed by Nields, are presented together in a flocked keepsake box.
Vogue magazine named her the queen of the burlesque revival, and Vanity Fair calls her a burlesque superheroine. She's integral to the underground fetish scene, yet she's front and center at every buzzed-about fashion show. Today's Bettie Page has transcended such cultural barriers with her astonishing grace, class, and artistry. This timeless vintage portfolio shows Dita von Teese when her rise to celebrity status was just a heartbeat away. Revealing a side to Dita that is well-known to the public, this book explores her fetish for corsets (she has more than 100 tailor-made ones) and her fetish for shoes (“I never leave home without my high heels on”), as well as other fetishes such as bondage and latex. The stunning front cover image of the 25th issue of Marquis magazine is included, featuring Dita painted from top to toe in silver. These stylish, sultry images are a fitting tribute to the early modeling days of a truly smart and sexy icon.
This second edition of Historical Dictionary of the Fashion Industry contains a chronology, an introduction, appendixes, a bibliography. The dictionary section has over 1,400 cross-referenced entries on designers, models, couture houses, significant articles of apparel and fabrics, trade unions, and the international trade organizations.
Visual biography about the Marchesa Luisa Casati (1881-1957), telling Casati's life story alongside the art and designs she has inspired, featuring 200 images covering her lifetime and beyond.
Glamour is one of the most tantalizing and bewitching aspects of contemporary culture - but also one of the most elusive. The aura of celebrity, the style of the fashion world, the vanity of the rich and beautiful, and the publicity-driven rites of café society are all imbued with its irresistible magnetism. But what exactly is glamour? Where does it come from? How old is it? And can anyone quite capture its magic? Stephen Gundle answers all these questions and more in this first ever history of the phenomenon, from Paris in the tumultuous final decades of the eighteenth century through to Hollywood, New York, and Monte Carlo in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, from Napoleon to Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe, from Beau Brummell to Gianni Versace. Throughout, the book captures the excitement and sex appeal of glamour while exposing its mechanisms and exploring its sleazy and sometimes tragic underside. As Gundle shows, while glamour is exciting and magnetic, its promise is ultimately an illusion that can only ever be partially fulfilled.
Heap & Jones is a comedy crime caper like no other. In the new Millenium, crime in Britain is soaring out of control, so much so, that the divisional police force is struggling to cope with the relentless task of solving crime that is being committed on the streets of Britain and capturing these criminals, who are dedicated in committing these mindless acts. Chief Superintendent Jenkins, Divisional head of the Northern Province of London enlists the help of a psychic investigator, Mr. Jones and assigns him to work with Detective Inspector Heap. With opposing beliefs constantly hampering the two men from working in harmony as Mr. Jones is a self styled new age psychic guru, where as Detective Inspector Heap is a strong believer in his religious faith and a true upholder of the law. The two set out to solve the mystery with hilarious consequences. Their trail leads them chasing a powerful dark angel who uses men by rewarding them by fulfilling their earthly desires, in return, she uses their failings to seek power and glory in a media ruled world. Heap's old school of thought intertwines with Jones's unconventional and esoteric way of thinking to solve the mystery once and for all, or have they? Unbeknownst to Mr. Jones, Detective Inspector Heap is no stranger to the secretive, shadowy world of the mysterious. His mission to decipher the case is not the only mystery he has to solve.
Looking at modern contemporary Italian literature, this book presents a study of authors who choose to write their narratives or poems from the sensitivity and sensibility of the opposite sex, and thus metaphorically try to penetrate and possess the body and psyche of the opposite sex, whether it be for political, provoking or literary reasons.
Lace up your corset and embrace your stiletto swagger with this unblushing guide to personal growth using the virtues of (gasp!) S&M. Offering mighty insights on everything from whipping negativity into submission to breaking the bondage of bad self-body image, The Little Vanilla Book gives you the tools you need to awaken the heroine deep inside and open your life to a scintillating new world of self discovery. Within the pages of this loving and bawdy exploration of all things you, former dominatrix Lux Alani uses her personal experiences and research to uncover the surprising truth that some of the primary lessons and practices found in the world of kink aren’t just for the kinksters—with the right mindset they’re for you too. But wait! If you’re nervous that you’ll need to buy a paddle and latex catsuit to get your transformation on, don’t worry! This isn’t about getting into the kink scene or practicing BDSM. Looking at five key aspects of every woman’s life: authenticity, confidence, body image, resilience, and fear, The Little Vanilla Book is truly about taking a unique journey to self-love and empowerment—one that shows you how to unchain your courage, reclaim your awesome self, and live your truth with gusto.

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