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Two birdwatchers survive a nuclear holocaust.
Love Inspired brings you three new titles at a great value, available now! Enjoy these uplifting contemporary romances of faith, forgiveness and hope. DOCTOR FOR THE NANNY Lone Star Cowboy League by Leigh Bale When Eva Brooks finds a baby on Stillwater Ranch's doorstep, she'll have to go from kitchen cook to temporary nanny. Working with Dr. Tyler Grainger to take care of the infant could bring her closer to her happily-ever after. THE CHRISTMAS FAMILY The Buchanons by Linda Goodnight Contractor Brady Buchanon loves Christmas—especially the home makeover his construction company awards each year. When single mom Abby Webster becomes the next recipient, can they see past their differences and build a love to last a lifetime? HER CHRISTMAS HERO Home to Dover by Lorraine Beatty Single mom Gemma Butler is intent on revamping Dover's Christmas celebrations—despite Linc Montgomery's protests. But just as a storm threatens the town, they'll join forces to save the holiday—and to find a future together.
We know more about cancer prevention, detection, and treatment than ever before--yet not all segments of the U.S. population have benefited to the fullest extent possible from these advances. Some ethnic minorities experience more cancer than the majority population, and poor people--no matter what their ethnicity--often lack access to adequate cancer care. This book provides an authoritative view of cancer as it is experienced by ethnic minorities and the medically underserved. It offers conclusions and recommendations in these areas: Defining and understanding special populations, and improving the collection of cancer-related data. Setting appropriate priorities for and increasing the effectiveness of specific National Institutes of Health (NIH) research programs, to ensure that special populations are represented in clinical trials. Disseminating research results to health professionals serving these populations, with sensitivity to the issues of cancer survivorship. The book provides background data on the nation's struggle against cancer, activities and expenditures of the NIH, and other relevant topics.
This book is a collection of proven, common-sense objectives, as well as many of the fragments of good advice often given by numerous motivational speakers and other behavior experts. The big difference is that now it’s all in one place at one time, and most important, it’s written in the form of usable concepts with complete and easy-to-understand explanations. This book makes it possible for almost anyone to achieve more personal goals and enjoy a better quality of life by improving most relationships in their lives.
Running with the Wind is a chronicle of the many and varied adventures of famed executive producer, Dennis Kane, as he circled the globe in search of exotic and informative subjects for the world of the National Geographic Society TV Specials. Kane's enviable 40 year career as a documentary film producer led him from the cradle of mankind in Tanzania to the far-flung reaches of communist Siberia.His films captured natural history and scientific discoveries in the making. Kane documented some of the world's most renowned scientists including Dr. Louis Leakey and his early anthropological finds in Tanzania's Olduvai Gorge, Dr. Robert Ballard's discovery of the passenger liner Titanic, and Mel Fisher's hunt for the Spanish treasure galleon, Atocha. One of his primary goals was blending natural history and action adventure in the same production using a wide and varied palette. Follow in his footsteps as he compiles a treasure trove of unique experiences on location.
Seventh-day Adventist authors have maintained a fairly consistent understanding of Daniel's major prophecies, though several significant disagreements have taken place. One well known difficulty, and the theme of this research, has been the Church's interpretation of Daniel 8:14. In light of the current discussions, the purpose of this book is to 1--demonstrate that a clearer understanding of the SDA doctrine of the sanctuary may be obtained by studying the Hebrew rendering nisdaq; 2--resubstantiate the validity of the LXX translation; 3--highlight Daniel 8:14's close relationship to the rest of the chapter and the typical Day of Atonement; and 4--show the necessity of an investigative judgment.

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