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At last, a book for pet owners that focuses on administering first aid to birds. You'll not only learn step-by-step information on emergency situations bird owners might encounter, you'll also learn how to quickly save your bird's life by taking action, and how to prevent emergencies by feeding your bird a balanced diet, regularly trimming his wings and nails and bird-proofing your home. First Aid for Birds is written by an expert and includes instructions on monitoring your bird's health by regular veterinary visits and observing your bird daily for signs of illness. Best of all, the book is filled with color photos, info-packed sidebars and fun facts to make caring for your pet bird easy and enjoyable.
Provides advice on setting up a first aid kit, knowing first aid priorities, prevention, and when to call in the veterinarian, and recommends treatments for common emergencies in cage birds
This is an instructional handbook for wildlife care for in the immediate stabilization of rescued wildlife. The rescue and rescue kit, home and first aid supplies, problem checklist and physical exam, emergency treatment, diet, housing, release, euthanasia and grief.
Homeophatic remedies can be safely and effectively used for all species of animals. Homeopathy is even applicable to birds and reptiles, and special notes on these species are included at the end of the manual.
NEW! Priced with sensitivity to the level of altruism shown by those who rescue and help sick or injured wild creatures, this eBook covers the major conditions one is likely to encounter. Whether it is a fledgling bird fallen from a nest, a swift or pigeon exhausted from flight, an animal injured at the roadside, a victim of a bungled shooting or any other emergency situation, this eBook should provide the 'good Samaritan' with the medical know-how to make a positive difference and increase the chances of the victim's survival. Christopher Day has 43 years of experience in veterinary practice and his childhood also encompassed such wildlife rescue work.
Describes how to create an asthetically-pleasing natural setting that will not only attract birds, but will also provide them with food and shelter

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