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“Bart van Olphen elevates canned tuna to the heights of deliciousness.”—The New York Times Scrumptious recipes for tuna, mackerel, herring, and more—so tasty, you won't believe it's from a can! Quick: What ingredient is delicious, sustainable, easy to store, and adds protein and healthy fats to any dish? Why, it’s tinned fish, of course! Whether you’re a seafood lover or a home cook craving something new, The Tinned Fish Cookbook is for you. Sustainable fishing advocate Bart van Olphen shines a light on the superstar potential of canned tuna, salmon, anchovies, and more, with recipes that are ready in a jiff. Here are hearty mains from Tuna Lasagna to Mackerel and Potato Frittata, fresh salads like the classic Niçoise Salad and crisp Crab and Fennel Watercress Salad, and creative takes on normally less-fishy fare, such as Anchovy Dumplings, Salmon Pizza, and Quinoa Tabbouleh with Sardines. The possibilities are endless—and the photos by David Loftus are irresistible. What’s more, Bart dives into the wonders of modern fishing and canning, helping you recognize eco-friendly fish, so you can enjoy your ocean-to-plate meal with confidence. There’s more to tinned fish than ever before!
This beautifully presented title offers handy tips and advice to help get the most out of seafood. Double page spreads on particular ingredients and recipes are featured.
Combines the essentials of classic cooking techniques with an overview of the current trend toward lighter, herb-based sauces and quickly prepared fish dinners

We all want to eat more fish, but who wants to bother spending the time, effort and money cooking that same old salmon fillet on repeat when you could be trying something new and utterly delicious?

In The Whole Fish Cookbook, Sydney’s groundbreaking seafood chef Josh Niland reveals a completely new way to think about all aspects of fish cookery. From sourcing and butchering to dry ageing and curing, it challenges everything we thought we knew about the subject and invites readers to see fish for what it really is – an amazing, complex source of protein that can, and should, be treated with exactly the same nose-to-tail reverence as meat.

Featuring more than 60 recipes for dozens of fish species ranging from Cod Liver Pate on Toast, Fish Cassoulet and Roast Fish Bone Marrow to – essentially – the Perfect Fish and Chips, The Whole Fish Cookbook will soon have readers seeing that there is so much more to a fish than just the fillet and that there are more than just a handful of fish in the sea.

Good ol boy, Cousin Rick Black, is passionate about hunting, fishing, and cooking wild game and fish, and he’s spent a lifetime collecting and testing recipes for every kind of fish, fowl, and game, both large and small. Now he shares 250 of his favorite recipes for deer, elk, antelope, caribou, moose, bear, buffalo, squirrel, rabbit, beaver, raccoon, trout, bass, salmon, and panfish. In addition to the recipes, Rick includes chapters on rubs and marinades, cooking with beer, and how to cook for wild game banquets. Great tasting wild game starts with savvy field dressing, and Rick shares plenty of tips and helpful info on how to best and safely prepare game and fish before you get to the kitchen. And Rick knows that cooking game should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience so, in typical Cousin Rick style, he includes a dollop of down-home humor too.
An Exciting Journey Through India S Coastal Regions For Lovers Of Seafood& In This Book, Megha Patil Brings Together A Collection Of Exotic And Delectable Recipes Which Will Appeal To Every Kind Of Cook-From The Novice To The Gourmet-And Which Bring Out The Versatility Of Fish. The Wide Variety Of Recipes Range From Quick Pan-Fires And Unusual Snacks To Luscious Pulaos And Scrumptious Speciality Seafood Dishes. Though Patil S Focus Is On The Rich Tradition Of Seafood On The West Coast, Especially Maharashtra, There Are Also Recipes From The South, East And North-East, As Well As Traditional Parsi And Goan Dishes. Among The Hundred-Odd Recipes Are: Shellfish And Tomatoes Pulao, Fish-Head Tamarind Curry, Prawns With Mango Slivers, Sunny Eggs On Oysters, Crab In Coconut Cream, Fried Spiced Lampreys, Poached Pomfret In Feni, Goa Fish Curry, Squid Dry Masala And Steamed Hilsa With Mustard

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