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Our stunning, new FLAVOURS OF MELBOURNE book hot off the press in time for Christmas! Discover Melbourne's hidden secrets as well as some of our all-time favourites... Cafes, restaurants and bars, dotted throughout the CBD.
In this colourful and cleverly written culinary history of the city of Melbourne, author Charmaine O'Brien guides the reader through the changing eating habits of Melburnians. Beginning with the little-known and diverse diet of Port Philip Bay's Indigenous inhabitants prior to white settlement, the book charts the effects of local and global events on Melbourne's gastronomy. Along the way O'Brien introduces us to some forgotten, and often quirky, restaurateurs, food writers and culinary professionals and each chapter contains recipes relevant to what Melburnians were eating during that time period.
From the beaches of Brighton to the craft beers of Brunswick, there's something for everyone in the suburbs of Melbourne. Flavours of Urban Melbourne takes you on an adventure through the diverse range of restaurants, cafes and bars that call this city home, leading you hand-in-hand from Roman in Richmond to Korean in Kensington and every culture in between. The hospitality experience continues to the home, where you can re-create your dining experience with signature recipes from each venue. So what are you waiting for?
weet. Sour. Bitter. Salty. Spicy. Umami. Temperature. Texture. It's one thing to be able to make a dish from a technical perspective, but it's something else when you have that exciting lightbulb moment around flavour that illuminates your cooking, allowing you to understand, develop and enjoy it even more. The marriage of contrasting and complementary flavours has driven Scott Pickett's way of cooking since the early days of his career, earning him a reputation for brilliant combinations and incredibly tasty food. Inspired by the changing seasons, the abundance of quality Australian produce and the principle of eight key flavour profiles, with this collection of irresistible recipes he opens the door into his kitchen for a masterclass in putting together a dish or meal that's perfectly balanced. From Scott's interpretations of the classic combinations to more unusual pairings that bring unexpected sensory delight, these are dishes and ideas to help you find a new harmony in the way you cook.
This volume is a collection of review articles on the most outstanding topics in heavy flavour physics. All the authors have made significant contributions to this field. The book reviews in detail the theoretical structure of heavy flavour physics and confronts the Standard Model and some of its extensions with existing experimental data.This new edition covers new trends and ideas and includes the latest experimental information. Compared to the previous edition interesting new activities are included and some of the key contributions are updated. Particular attention is paid to the discovery of the top quark and the determination of its mass.
Vietnamese cuisine is subtle and delicate, combining exquisite flavours and textures. To unveil its secrets, Meera Freeman has consulted leading Vietnamese restaurateur, Le Van Nhan, and the traders and chefs of Australia's 'Little Vietnam' (Victoria Street, Richmond). The result is this practical and comprehensive guide to cooking Vietnamese food. Illustrated with beautiful photographs by John Gollings, its recipes range from the table salads, pickles and dipping sauces so central to Vietnamese cuisine, to noodle soups (pho), rice dishes, poultry, meat, fish, seafood, exotic drinks and desserts. These are recipes to excite the senses and tantalise the palate. Book jacket.

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