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This is an essential training tool for beginning teachers. It helps them to build skills and focus on developing their professional practice through understanding, reflection and experimentation.
Panta rhei. The world is in motion. So is literary production. New literary genres like digi fiction, text-talk novels, fan fiction or illustrated novels, to name a few, have developed over the last 20 years. And TEFL has to reflect these new trends in literature production. These are some of the reasons why this book is dedicated to the use of post-millennial literary genres in English Language Teaching. As all edited volumes in the SELT (Studies in English Language Teaching) series, it follows a triple aim: 1. Linking TEFL with related academic disciplines, 2. Balancing TEFL research and classroom practice, 3. Combining theory, methodology and exemplary lessons. This triple aim is reflected in the three-part structure of this volume: Part A (Theory), Part B (Methodology), Part C (Classroom) with several concrete lesson plans.
Today’s educational leaders are working with more resources, more research, and more stakeholders – all within the same, limited time in a day as we had a decade ago. Author Jessica M. Cabeen takes readers through an intentional journey of current trends and buzzwords, helping leaders understand how social media is a tool for connection, collaboration, and learning. This exciting book explores the importance of care and collaboration with all members of the educational community – students, teachers, staff, families, and community partners. Each chapter highlights examples of leaders that have made positive change in their schools, and provides key actionable strategies that can be implemented at a pace that is sustainable and tailored to fit your needs. You will discover a deeper understanding of the critical importance of your role in: Elevating the student’s experience Building a strong school culture Creating small ways to make big impacts with families Advocating a clear message with community partners and legislative leaders Creating time for self-care Filled with practical examples, tools, and strategies, Unconventional Leadership is a resource school leaders can pick up today and implement tomorrow.
Being a teacher in the 21st century is a challenging feat. With new education initiatives being introduced by politicians with no previous education experience, it's a constant struggle to keep up with new standards that often don't make sense or are not feasible. With all of this pressure, how is it possible to keep lessons interesting and fun? This book encompasses a variety of lesson ideas, inspirational wisdom, and motivation for teachers. With so much negativity surrounding education, this book is a refreshing alternative view of the positive aspects of teaching in today's day in age. Chapters: Chapter 1: A Song's Hook Chapter 2: The Art of Storytelling Chapter 3: It's all fun and games Chapter 4: The Hidden Curriculum Chapter 5: Teach a Child to Fish Chapter 6: Places They've Never Been Chapter 7: Singers, Actors, and Comedians Chapter 8: Why do you teach? Chapter 9: Marketing Your Lessons Chapter 10: Riddles and Randomness Chapter 11: An Ounce of Prevention Chapter 12: Roller Coaster Lessons Chapter 13: Inflection Improves Reflection Chapter 14: Understanding Their World Chapter 15: Running a Marathon Chapter 16: Variety in Your Diet Chapter 17: Justifying Their Education Chapter 18: Riding the Wave Chapter 19: The Grass Isn't Always Greener Chapter 20: Flipping Your Class Chapter 21: Who Was Your Favorite Teacher?
A vital resource for lecturers and those interested in entrepreneurship, this book defines the difference between teaching entrepreneurship to postgraduates and teaching it to undergraduates. Attention is given to both subtle and major differences, suc

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