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Author Robert J Newton tells a poetic story of a little boy with disabilities mingled within other poems. Based on true events in the 60s, 70s and present. Will he be able to unravel the hidden and twisted roads of his life. Will he find there truly is hope in life and never give up.
In his collection of poetry and prose , Bob has combined his love of nature, the ocean, lakes, and mountains with his desire to express our inner feelings, our daily life's journey. "Of Smiles and Tears" was then created.
Perhaps nowhere else has literature been as conscious a collective endeavor as in China, and China's survival over three thousand years may owe more to its literary traditions than to its political history. This Very Short Introduction tells the story of Chinese literature from antiquity to the present, focusing on the key role literary culture played in supporting social and political concerns. Embracing traditional Chinese understandings of literature as encompassing history and philosophy as well as poetry and poetics, storytelling, drama, and the novel, Sabina Knight discusses the philosophical foundations of literary culture as well as literature's power to address historical trauma and cultivate moral and sensual passions. From ancient historical records through the modernization and globalization of Chinese literature, Knight draws on lively examples to underscore the close relationship between ethics and aesthetics, as well as the diversity of Chinese thought. Knight also illuminates the role of elite patronage; the ways literature has served the interests of specific groups; and questions of canonization, language, nationalism, and cross-cultural understanding. The book includes Chinese characters for names, titles, and key terms.
When children are growing up they are not interested in family history. If I should bring the subject up the answer would usually be, “I know Dad, when you were young you milked ten cows before breakfast and walked ten miles to school – in the snow!”. It wasn’t that they didn’t care they were not interested. However, when they married and had children of their own they wanted to know more of the family history so they could pass it on to their children. “Dad, we don’t know anything about your family history, fill us in.” Now they were interested. That started me to thinking. I didn’t know much about my family tree. I would give anything to know more about my parent’s background and everyday life when they were growing up, guess I never asked! It occurred to me if I started writing a few facts about myself, in two or three generations future grandchildren would know. People who have read my story have said it has given them the idea to do the same for their children. One of the many reasons for writing Flowers For Cina, is to encourage parents to write about their everyday life.

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