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Provides step-by-step instructions on tying five hundred trout flies and offers information on tying techniques, tools, and materials
Sarah Nelson’s teaching novel follows Clara, a Korean-American archaeologist, to an excavation in her ancestral homeland. The story recounts her experiences as a field archaeologist and as a young woman caught between two cultures. Nelson also tells the story of Flyingbird and the Neolithic people who lived in the mound Clara is excavating. Addressing issues of gender, shamanism, ethnic identity, and Neolithic culture, and written by a leading American archaeologist specializing in these topics, this volume is both a good read and good archaeology. An ideal starting point to introduce archaeology to college students.
A collection of 18,000 entries in alphabetical order with over 350,000 synonyms and antonyms also includes appendixes of topic-related word lists and words arranged by their endings
Combining scholarly authority with a new awareness of today’s communication demands,Roget’s 21st Century Thesaurusis the simple, reliable way to find the perfect word for your needs. It features an easy-to-use dictionary format plus a revolutionary Concept Index that arranges words by idea, thus enhancing the user’s process of association and leading to scores of additional selections. The inclusion of a wide spectrum of words and phrases with each entry—from sophisticated choices to completely new vocabulary in the language—brings users an exceptional number of alternatives to fit any variation of style and tone. —Created by the highly respected Princeton Language Institute —More word choices than any other thesaurus–OVER 1 MILLION WORDS! —Concise definitions for each main entry —A revolutionary Concept Index–arranged by idea, it mirrors the way we actually think! —No obsolete terms–all synonyms and antonyms reflect modern usage
Provides terms for common phrases, concepts, and definitions, and includes related terms and synonyms.

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