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Trevor Hawkins is recognised as a leading angling illustrator and has numerous books and magazine articles to his credit. He has been fly fishing for thirty-seven years in both fresh and salt water, at home and abroad. This book, while not an exhaustive volume of fly-fishing knots and rigs, has listed, illustrated in colour and given precise tying notes for all of the commonly used fly-fishing knots for both fresh and salt water. There are rigs and leader recipes suitable for most fly-fishing scenarios, all of which are laid out in an easy-to-follow format. The book is a must for any person taking up fly fishing or for the fly angler who wants or needs to expand his repertoire of knots or rigs whether on fresh or salt water.
Fly Fishing Knots and Rigs contains clear, concise, easy to follow step-by-step illustrations of recommended Fly and Tenkara fishing knots, rigs and set-ups.Included in this edition: Fly fishing knots set-up, Arbor knot, Albright knot, Double overhand loop knot, Loop-loop connection, Castwell's leader knot, Nail knot, Nailless knot, Needle knot, Gray's loop, Braided loop, Surgeon's loop, Perfection loop, Loop-loop connection, Blood knot, Surgeon's knot, Orvis tippet knot, Speed blood knot, Albright leader knot, Wire leader knot, Surgeon's knot dropper, Quick-fix dropper, Sliding dropper, Davy knot, Double Turle knot, Eugene bend, Grinner knot, Orvis knot, Pitzen knot, Kryston non-slip loop, Lefty's loop, Canoe man loop, Poly yarn indicator-1, Poly yarn indicator-2, Backing barrel indicator, Tippet size, Fly lines, River set-up - Nymph, River set-up - Nymph with droppers, River set-up - Dry Fly, Stillwater/reservoir set-up - Dry Fly, Stillwater/reservoir set-up - Nymph, Stillwater/reservoir set-up - Buzzer, Stillwater/reservoir set-up - Streamer, Pike set-up, Carp set-up, Sea Bass set-up, Tenkara knots traditional furled line set-up, Tenkara knots level line set-up, Lillian knot, Girth hitch, Tenkara one knot - tippet - furled line, Loop-to-loop connection, Slip knot, Figure 8 stopper knot, Tenkara one knot - tippet - level line, Level line to tippet, Tenkara one knot - fly, Yamamoto knot, Improved clinch knot.This publication should help you to gain a solid base of reliable, tried and tested knots, enabling you to land more fish. Protect the environment and save money by losing less tackle.Tight lines and strong knots.Disclaimer: No responsibility in any way is ac
Book & DVD. Geoff has been tying and testing fishing knots for over forty years and his knowledge in this field is second to none. This Special Edition of his world-wide best selling book comes in an instructional / interactive book / DVD format featuring Geoff tying his own preferred knots and rigs. Running over 144 minutes, the DVD covers how to tie knots in clear and precise detail. As we all know, the best way to learn how to tie a knot is to actually see it done! This book will be an instant best seller and is attractively presented in a hard cover edition, ideal as a gift for the discerning angler wanting to expand their fishing knowledge.
Handy, pocket-size guide of more than 50 knots and popular rigs Full-color, detailed illustrations All the best modern knots for fly fishing, and how professional guides use them Full-color illustrations, knots specifically for fly fishers and modern tackle, and detailed rigging information for nymphs, dry flies, and streamers are just a few of the things that make this knot guide different from the others. Each knot is meticulously illustrated with ample detail to actually teach you how to tie it, unlike some knot books that leave you guessing. Also included are leader diagrams, knot-tying tips and tricks, and information on rigging strike indicators.
Geoff Wilson takes anglers through the precise methods and processes needed to tie the sometimes difficult knots that modern fishing lines require. Also included is a detailed section on best rigs for fresh and salt water. New knots included make this a complete guide.
Precise illustrations demonstrate each step. DVD features Lefty Kreh tying 30 of his favorite knots and reinforcing techniques in the text.
Geoff Wilson has a passion for knots and their correct tying. This passion inspired the original release of Geoff Wilson's Complete Book of Fishing Knots and Rigs. Since then, Geoff has kept up with the advances in line and tackle technology, continually creating new knots and tweaking changing, and redesigning existing knots to make them perform better and be easier to tie. In this latest full color edition, Geoff takes anglers through the precise methods and processes needed to the sometimes difficult knots that modern fishing lines requires. There are chapters dealing with knots for terminal tackle, loops, super lines, leaders, dacron, doubles, float fishing, fly fishing and even commercial knots.

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