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Makoto Kowata, a novice witch, packs up her belongings (including her black cat familiar) and moves in with her distant cousins in rural Aomori Prefecture, in the far north reaches of Japan, to complete her training and become a full-fledged witch.
Size: 8,5 x 11 inches, 100 unlined white pages with Halloween motifs, gloss cover, paperback. A Halloween notebook for the time of the year when gory and scary creatures come alive Everything is possible. Let the imagination do the rest and have fun in the most exiting season. The Halloween themed notebook is the perfect item to carry around as a part of your Halloween costume or you can use it as a regular notebook for writing down or drawing whatever you have on your mind (thoughts, tasks, stories, notes, reference images, sketches, doodle...). Be sure to check the Rainbow Notebooks (Author's page) for more styles, designs, sizes and other options. https: //
When her stepmother tells Tasha to visit a witch named Baba Yaga to get a needle and thread, she soon finds herself in a trap from which she must use her wits and cunning to escape.
Witchcraft and magical beliefs have captivated historians and artists for millennia, and stimulated an extraordinary amount of research among scholars in a wide range of disciplines. This new collection, from the editor of the highly acclaimed 1992 set, Articles on Witchcraft, Magic, and Demonology, extends the earlier volumes by bringing together the most important articles of the past twenty years and covering the profound changes in scholarly perspective over the past two decades. Featuring thematically organized papers from a broad spectrum of publications, the volumes in this set encompass the key issues and approaches to witchcraft research in fields such as gender studies, anthropology, sociology, literature, history, psychology, and law. This new collection provides students and researchers with an invaluable resource, comprising the most important and influential discussions on this topic. A useful introductory essay written by the editor precedes each volume.
Waking up in Mictlan, the underworld entrance of the North, nearly dead from an evil witch's attack—this is where James Endredy's gripping true account of his experience with the witches of Veracruz begins. As the apprentice of a powerful curandero, or healer, Endredy learns the dangerous magic and mystical arts of brujería, a nearly extinct form of Aztec witchcraft, and his perilous training is fraught with spiritual trials and tests. Taught how to invoke spirits of the underworld for assistance and use dream trance to "fly," Endredy is subjected to the black magic of a brujo negro and left alone in the graveyard of the brujo masters to fight for his life. He is also called upon to do battle with the most sinister of all witches—el Brujo de Muerte, the Witch of Death. Upon becoming a curandero himself, Endredy takes on harrowing real-life cases: healing a young man possessed by the spirit of an Aztec warrior, rescuing a teenage girl from a Mexican drug cartel, and hunting down a vampire witch terrorizing a small community.

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