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The Smurfette gets her own special volume! In "Little Red Smurfing Hood," life begins to imitate art after Smurfette dons a red cape and meets a sorcerer in wolf's clothing-- Gargamel! Plus, four more Smurf-tastic stories featuring everyone's favorite blue bombshell.
Another iconic Smurf, The Smurf Apprentice, gets the Anthology treatment! A smurf wants to emulate Papa Smurf, and decides the best way to do so would be to practice magic. So, the smurf sneaks into Gargamel's lab and steals instructions for a magic potion. The smurf foolishly drinks the potion and is turned into a monstrous lizard that all of the smurfs fear. Can Papa Smurf create an antidote? Or will the Smurfs be seeing green for the rest of their lives? The Smurfs have delighted us all with their silliness, bravery, heroism, and heart for over 50 years, and now we finally have a definitive collection of Peyo's original comics to see where it all began.
The Smurfs’ eternal arch foe, the evil wizard Gargamel, is the center of attention in several Smurf-stories: “Gargamel and the Crocodile,” features Gargamel’s attempts to raise a pet crocodile, much to Azrael’s chagrin; Gourmelin, “Gargamel’s Twin Brother” also stops by for a visit; a very hungry fellow returns and demands Gargamel to feed him in “The Ogre and the Smurfs;” a very noisy bird keeps makes Gargamel’s life difficult in “The Smurfs and the Booglooboo;” then there’s “Gargamel’s Nephews” who look like three pint-size Gargamels, who stir up some trouble when they visit their uncle; and just when you think you’ve met all of Gargamel’s look-alike relatives, “Sagratamabarb” shows up and wants to move next door to his cousin Gargamel! And if all that wasn’t enough, there are dozens of gag-filled Smurfs comic strips, another adventure of Johan, in which the gallant court page must battle “The Master of Roucybeuf,” and an action-packed Benny Breakiron epic where the tiny, super-powered French boy encounters “Madame Adolphine,” a seeming harmless little old lady, who apparently is behind a major criminal caper!
An all-new collection featuring The Smurfs, and their friends! In this first volume Benny Breakiron returns in "Bodoni Circus," Johan & Peewit embark on a never-before-seen adventure, and the Smurfs return with comic strips galore. This is a collection Peyo fans will not want to miss, and that will look great on any bookshelf.
The Smurfs have been unhappy with their meals lately as Chef Smurf keeps serving them up skimpy meals with a side of disappointment. When Chef Smurf suggests Papa Smurf to investigate the state of Farmer Smurf’s crops, they discover the root of the issue: the vegetables are wilted and stunted. But when Papa Smurf whips up a potion that works a bit too well, not even he can predict his Smurfs will smurf into vegetables! It’s attack of the Smurfing tomatoes as Smurf Village becomes one big farmer’s market. Will this turn into a food fight?
When Papa Smurf is hurt in a lab accident he sends a smurf to the good wizard Homnibus for help. Although Homnibus has a cure, he needs to buy some seeds he's missing for the recipe. Fascinated by this exchange of commerce among the humans, the smurf returns to Smurf Village as Finance Smurf! After teaching his fellow smurfs how to buy things with money, some smurfs get rich while others don't, and things quickly tumble into disarray. Will the smurfs find a way back to the peaceful way things used to be?
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A woman’s true story of rebuilding her faith in the aftermath of harrowing tragedy. In the early hours of March 7, 1999, Justina Page’s life changed forever when a four alarm house fire ravaged and destroyed her family’s home. In the aftermath, in addition to the heartbreaking loss of one of her 22-month-old twin boys, Justina and her husband had to cope with the physical injuries to both her and their surviving son. The Circle of Fire chronicles her struggle to overcome the devastating consequences of this catastrophic event. Justina’s is a journey of discovery—that personal tragedy is not a life sentence to despair, anger, and continual pain and suffering, and that something positive can be salvaged from every agonizing experience, even when your faith has truly been tried by fire.

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