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Begins with student nurse skills for success which has been expanded to include information on transition from student to employee, applying for a job and resume writing with examples. Important changes in health care are covered. HIPPA has been included as have west Nile virus, SARS and bio-terrorism.
FOUNDATIONS OF BASIC NURSING lays the foundation of introductory material for a practical or vocational nursing course of study. The text focuses on fundamental concepts such holistic care, legal responsibilities, communication, and client teaching. Step-by-step basic, intermediate and advanced nursing procedures are presented with full color photos and figures further illustrating the skill. New chapters to this edition include a chapter on self-concept and the promotion of physical and mental wellness, as well as a chapter on spirituality. Abundant special features, NCLEX style questions, and the loaded new StudyWARE CD-ROM make this an engaging, student-friendly text. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
Basic Nursing is a fundamental text designed for use in practical and vocational nursing programs. It covers all aspects of the nursing profession, including holistic approaches, complementary/alternative therapies, human development, health promotion, infection control, diagnostic tests, and elder, long-term, and home health care. Also includes sections on the profession's history and relevant cultural diversity concerns and legal/ethical issues. Illustrations, equipment lists, and rationales accompany procedure descriptions, which are divided into basic, intermediate, and advanced categories.Adheres to the nursing process format. · Sample nursing care plans and case studies included as appropriate· Review and critical thinking questions reinforce material and develop necessary critical thinking skills· Reference and Resource lists and "Web Flash" boxes direct students to additional information· Full color illustrations enhance material and aid visual learners· Contains glossary, abbreviation and acronym list, immunization schedule, and English-Spanish phrases(key words: Nursing, LPN, LVN, Vocational Nursing)
This comprehensive nursing fundamentals text emphasizes clinical decision making and scientific research within the context of an evolving health care delivery system as the foundation for contemporary nursing practice. This interactive approach offers an alternative framework to the nursing process by focusing on the "real world" issues that affect clinical decision-making in nursing including cultural, socioeconomic, ethical/legal, and financial considerations. A practical four-part organization facilitates the transfer of classroom knowledge to actual clinical practice by first addressing context, then process, content, and special considerations.
An ideal companion text to Adult Health Nursing, this clearly-written, colorful, and attractively-designed resource has all the fundamentals and skills - maternal and neonatal, pediatric, geriatric, mental health, community, and leadership content - needed to educate LPN/LVNs. Used together, these two texts provide all the content covered in the entire LPN/LVN curriculum. Skills for a wide range of nursing care are presented in a straightforward, step-by-step format with nursing actions and rationales clearly defined. Clinical Pathways are discussed and explained. Nursing Care Plans include critical thinking questions and are developed around specific case studies with an emphasis on patient goals and outcomes. The nursing process is applied consistently and logically to the discussion of disorders, and appears in complete summary form at the end of applicable chapters. Nursing Diagnoses paired with disorder-appropriate Nursing Interventions are screened and highlighted. Therapeutic Dialogue boxes focus on communication through real-life examples of nurse-patient dialogue. Patient Teaching boxes examine discharge instructions and health promotion for patients and families. Home Health Considerations boxes discuss issues facing patients and caregivers in the home care setting. Older Adult Considerations boxes bring a gerontologic perspective to the analysis of specific disorders. Cultural and Ethnic Considerations boxes teach students about specific cultural preferences and how to address the needs of cultural diversity when planning nursing care. Medications tables provide quick access to action, dosage, precautions, and nursing considerations for commonly used drugs.
MEDICAL-SURGICAL NURSING: AN INTEGRATED APPROACH 3E is a comprehensive, reader friendly resource for the practical/vocational nursing student. The 3rd Edition has been completely reinvisioned and thoroughly updated in all aspects of its coverage, with chapters now broken out into smaller, more manageable portions. In addition to rich coverage of all body systems with anatomy & physiology, data collection, disease information, and a strong focus on the nursing process, exciting new chapters on family processes and issues, psychobiological issues, bioterrorism and more have been added. Engaging features including case studies, critical thinking exercises, evidence-based practice boxes, informatics boxes, memory tricks, and more support student learning and retention throughout the text. NCLEX style questions and Theory to Practice activities provide opportunities to test understanding and apply concepts. This is the ideal choice for instructors looking for depth of coverage and student-focused features. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
FOUNDATIONS OF NURSING, 3E provides updated and comprehensive information necessary to successfully complete a practical or vocational nursing curriculum, including basic nursing, adult health nursing and material and pediatric nursing. This book is an excellent introduction to the field of nursing and covers the health care system, communication, nursing processes, and client teaching, as well as current topics, such as HIPAA and bioterrorism. The section on adult health nursing follows the Nursing Process format, while the clinical chapters include Nursing Management sections for each disorder, emphasizing the nurse’s role in providing competent client care. In addition, Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) and Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) have been identified in each Nursing Care Plan. Each chapter contains a Case Study with critical thinking questions designed to assist the reader through the nursing process and to develop a customized plan of care for the client in the scenario. Prenatal care, complications of pregnancy, birth, postpartum care, and newborn care, in addition to childrearing from birth through 18 years of age are covered in the maternal and pediatric section. NCLEX style questions have been added to each chapter to encourage student mastery of concepts. Numerous special features make this an engaging, student-friendly text, while a comprehensive instructor package provides everything needed to successfully implement the text in class. The exciting new StudyWARE CD-ROM that comes with the text provides interactive games, quizzes, activities, animations, and video clips to enrich the learning experience. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

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