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A history of the Jamestown colony, draws on archaeological, environmental, and historical research to describe the lives of the early settlers and their complex relationship with local Native American tribes.
Shortly after the end of the First World War, General Sir George Macdonagh, wartime director of British Military Intelligence, revealed that Lord Allenby's victory in Palestine had never been in doubt because of the success of his intelligence service. Seventy-five years later this book explains Macdonagh's statement. Sheffy also adopts a novel approach to traditional heroes of the campaign such as T E Lawrence.
This volume examines how Conservative and Labour governments in the UK related diplomatically to a plurality of Turkish governments between 1959 and 1965. With research based on newly-available Public Records Office archives, the author provides insight on British reactions to political events in Turkey and shows that in relation to the partition of Cyprus the crucial changes started as early as 1963, with Britain's indirect support.
'Britain and Turkey in the Middle East' is the first book to understand the development of the Cold War in the Middle East by exploring the Turkish case and is crucial to grasping the nature of Western strategy in general and British and Turkish strategy in particular during this period. In the first work documenting Anglo-Turkish relations in the Middle East in the early Cold War period, Mustafa Bilgin identifies two very distinct stages in the relationship between Britain and Turkey. Before 1952 Turkey relied heavily on Britain to protect it from the ‘Soviet menace’. In return for Britain’s support, Turkey acted as an honest broker in Britain’s increasingly difficult relations with key Middle Eastern states such as Egypt, Iran and Iraq. However, Turkey’s realisation that it could not rely on Britain, encouraged by Britain’s blocking of Turkish membership of NATO in 1952, led to a new alliance between Turkey and the US.

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