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FREE Audiobook and Workbook/Journal inside and on Our world can be cruel-we experience a mixture of health and sickness, hope and fear, peace and discord, wealth and poverty, love and hate. In the aftermath of tragedy, people ask, "If God is good and cares for me, why does He allow suffering? Where is justice for evil? Where is healing for my loved ones? When I'm hurting, where is God?" In GOD is HERE, John W. Nichols shares how he hated God because of His apparent absence. But when John was at the peak of his anger, God spoke to him in an undeniable way. The author weaves in the story of God revealing His love with a Biblical explanation of the trials we face, while inviting us to break down any walls we've put between us and Jesus, so we can return to Him the love He first showed us. This book answers: Why do we experience suffering? Does God send sickness, natural disasters, and war to teach us? Can we trust God after tragedy occurs? Is there more to life than what we see? Are we influenced by spiritual forces? Can we interact with God? How does God care for us? Does God have a good plan for our lives? Can we make a difference in this world? And so much more...
Shows how pastors and churches can distort scriptural truths because of preconceptions and end up diminishing the loving, personal God who gives the believer everything. Typical problems examined include ignoring part of the truth, and confusing our role with God's. --from publisher description
This powerful book brings a fresh awareness of the unchanging, irrefutable power in the Word of God!
Provides inspirational daily truths and insights that shed light on the Holy Spirit, as well as additional scriptures for further study, relevant prayers, and topics for reflection.
Carefully crafted sermon ideas from an accomplished speaker for a wide range of preaching occasions.
Pray Your Way to Breakthroughs enhances the prayer life with sharper focus. It is designed to expose and cut at the root of spiritual problems in order to bring victory. Matthew 3:10 says, "And now also the axe is laid to the root of the trees: therefore every tree which brings not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire." Stubborn and recurring problems may be the result of not attacking them at their roots – this book provides help to identify and attack those roots.

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