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A notorious drug kingpin reigning over Los Angeles, California and operating across numerous other states, Rick was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1996. But following the discovery his drug source was linked to the CIA and he had been used as a pawn in the Iran-Contra scandal, he received a reduced sentence.
Freeway Ricky Ross is the West Coast's pre-eminent street legend. From the dawn of the crack era he was the man to see in South Central, Los Angeles to buy multiple kilos of cocaine at our rate prices. From the ghettos of the City of Angels, his drug empire spread state to state, across the nation, due to his affiliation with the Crips and Bloods, who became roving drug dealers, leaving death and destruction in their wake. Freeway Rick is the man credited with supplying the cocaine that fuelled their surge and migration out of LA, enabling them to infect our country with crack, gangbanging and drive-by shooting. For this reason, Freeway Rick Ross is known as the Godfather of Crack and has been blamed by the U.S. government for the crack epidemic. This book is the most concise account of Freeway Rick's story to date. It also goes into how he won his appeal and gained his release from prison and his ongoing battle with the rapper Rick Ross over the use of his name.
Award-winning, internationally-published and best-selling author Kolie Crutcher, provides never-before granted access to the unfiltered success principles of America's most infamous cocaine kingpin--Freeway Ricky Ross. In Ridin' With Rick: The 21 Keys of Success, Crutcher (also an electrical engineer) masterfully breaks down the 21 success principles he personally witnessed the former kingpin use, as they rode around L.A. to conduct business with Hollywood's elite executives, sports figures and celebrities. After Ross' release from federal prison, Crutcher spent six months ridin' with, studying and documenting the practices of the ex-drug lord--who often made $2-3 million daily from the sale of crack cocaine in the 1980s. The 21 Keys uniquely reveals how the same principles that made millions of dollars in illegal cocaine money can be used to make millions of dollars legally in Hollywood and legitimate business! By way of chapters (keys) such as "Don't Front What You Can't Lose", "Make Your Name Carry Weight" and "Cocaine Love", Crutcher takes you along for the ride with Freeway Rick--as no one else can. So whether you are a street hustler on the corner, or a "legit" businessperson in the corner office, the 21 Keys work universally for all striving to overcome life's adversities and live the life you want. After Ridin' With Rick, you will understand how to turn failure into fame, poverty into plenty, and setbacks into success!
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Cocaine was once considered the elite's drug, with a price so high that only the very wealthy could afford it, and thought by many to be 'safe'. But during the 1980s, a dangerous and cheap derivative began appearing on the street. This drug, crack, is a cocaine free-base produced relatively safely and easily. Because of its low production costs, crack became popular among the lower classes, leading to an epidemic in the late 1980s, with estimates that over one million people used crack cocaine. The drug's name became synonymous with gangs, crime, and violence. Because of the intensity and apparent suddenness of the crack crisis, people began to wonder if there were any warning signs public officials missed and how exactly crack spread across the nation. Some even floated the theory that agencies like the CIA and FBI encouraged the use of crack in inner cities. No matter where it came from, crack is a menace that, though no longer 'epidemic', must be combated along with all other illegal drugs. This book makes a close examination of the development, responses to, and effect of the crack cocaine crisis in the United States. Included are descriptions of cocaine, crack, and the free-basing process. Also examined are the health questions surrounding the abuse problems and the allegations that governmental authorities had advance knowledge of crack. With the war on drugs a perpetual and critical battle in America, the facts and analyses presented here are of paramount importance to the understanding of a major issue of society's safety.
In the 1980s, "Freeway" Ricky Ross rose to power as the most notorious crack cocaine dealer in United States history. During the height of his reign, Ross was making $2-3 million per day, as he trafficked untold kilograms-keys-of cocaine all across the nation. But after being set up by his Nicaraguan connect and the United States CIA, Ross was sentenced to life in federal prison... Today, Ross is a free man. And once again, he is pushing keys-keys of success. In RIDIN' WITH RICK: THE 21 KEYS OF SUCCESS, award-winning writer Kolie Crutcher details the 21 success principles-the 21 keys-he witnessed the former kingpin use daily while "ridin' with Rick" around Los Angeles over the course of several months. These keys not only made Rick Ross a fortune of over $600 million, but they ultimately overturned his life sentence and freed him from prison. And now, these 21 keys are available to you... Written from Kolie Crutcher's unique perspective (through close personal association with "Freeway Rick"), The 21 Keys studies and interprets the actions of Ross to their unseen, underlying cause. And in the process, offers the reader a rare glimpse into the mind of America's most infamous cocaine kingpin... So whether you are a street hustler on the corner, or a "legit" businessperson in the corner office, The 21 Keys work universally for all striving to overcome life's adversities and live the life you want!

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