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Includes 25 years of "Out There" columns originally published in The Jerusalem Post newspaper, focused on the author's immigrant experience of living and raising a family in Israel.
Following the success of The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook, this ruggedly handsome hardcover collection brings together new and classic advice from Worst-Case experts to help readers master the manly artsfrom wrestling an alligator to calming a crying child to extinguishing backyard barbeque fires.
Simon Van Booy, winner of the prestigious Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award, brings his gift for poetic dialogue and sumptuous imagery to thisdebut novel of longing and discovery amidst the ruins of Ancient Greece. Rebecca is young, lost and beautiful. A gifted artist, she seeks solace and inspiration in the Mediterranean heat of Athens – trying to understand who she is and how she can love without fear. George has come to Athens to learn ancient languages after growing up in New England boarding schools and Ivy League colleges. He has no close relationships with anyone and spends his days hunched over books or in a drunken stupor. And then there is Henry, an accomplished young Welsh archaeologist who spends his days devotedly uncovering the city’s past as a way to escape his own – a past that holds a secret that not even his doting parents can talk about. As these three lost and lonely souls wander the city, a series of chance encounters sets off events that will forever define them, in this powerful portrait of friendship and young love.
Drawing on ethnography conducted in Israel since the late 1990s, Food and Power considers how power is produced, reproduced, negotiated, and subverted in the contemporary Israeli culinary sphere. Nir Avieli explores issues such as the definition of Israeli cuisine, the ownership of hummus, the privatization of communal Kibbutz dining rooms, and food at a military prison for Palestinian detainees to show how cooking and eating create ambivalence concerning questions of strength and weakness and how power and victimization are mixed into a sense of self-justification that maintains internal cohesion among Israeli Jews.
The college years are a time of noble pursuit of knowledge, self-betterment—and unending peril! Students are at risk from the moment they receive their acceptance letters. Fortunately, the authors of the phenomenally best-selling Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook series have come to the rescue, offering all-new, hands-on, step-by-step instructions for surviving the worst that higher education has to offer, on campus and off. Learn how to identify a party school, engineer a hookup, survive "the spins," and escape a stadium riot. Discover the best way to sleep in class, pass a test you haven't studied for, avoid the "freshman fifteen," and pull an all-nighter. With practical advice for avoiding laundry and identifying unsafe institutional food, along with an appendix of excuses for missed deadlines and a back-up diploma, this is truly required reading for all college students—and a perfect high school graduation present.
People in Jerusalem, Israel are like people everywhere. Yet, there is a difference. That difference made every day of the 17 years that Norma Marx lived there an adventure and/or challenge. It only takes the first three sentences of any one of her stories to totally captivate the reader. The characters are so alive that we find ourselves in the middle of each story. We are connected to life in Jerusalem and to the remarkable people who live there. Woven into the humorous stories of daily life are stories dealing with the realities of indiscriminate suicide bombings. Along with recollections of Norma’s life in Jerusalem, Israel are stories of her family’s love and wonder for the golden land of America. Tales of Jerusalem, Israell, and Other Loves offers vignettes that provide an intimate look of life in Jerusalem, Praised for Stories of Jerusalem, Israel, and Other Loves What a delightful and sweet gathering of vignettes by a great storyteller! I laughed, I cried, O remembered my life as a new immigrant in Israel the 1960s and 70s and wanted to hop on the next plane to Jerusalem! -Judy Ayal, Director of Visitor Services, The Berman Jewish Heritage and Holocaust Museum What a gift of love to her family, and everyone else. I found myself wishing that a grandmother of mine had taken the time to share stories so that our ancestors had been “real people” to us. As someone who works in the interfaith world, I will recommend this book-a fabulous book---to take a very intimate look at a Jewish way of life-the culture, fears, loves, joys and rituals... that literally come alive to the reader! -Jan Swanson, Program Director, World Pilgrims These stories, written from the perspective of both a spectator and participant, have an authenticity that skillfully captures the unique and often bittersweet Jerusalem experience. -Roberta Chester, Editor and Author
This book goes beyond the sauerkraut and knackwurst stereotype to unveil the often overlooked diversity of German cuisine. 170 regional recipes range from classic dishes, such as spaetzle with cheese and sauerbraten to forgotten delicacies like Westfalian pumpernickel pudding. Numerous profiles, anecdotes, and food lore complete the book.

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