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I feel blessed to be born and grow up in India. The country of freshly produced incredible food all across, which gives India an unique identity in the culinary world. We Indians love our food and love sharing it. I have lived and traveled across different parts of India, that has given me the exposure to it’s diverse and colorful cultures. India’s rich cultural heritage in different regions have shaped an expansive and varied cuisine, acknowledging influences from the Persian and Arab as well as traditional peasant life and bounty of the surrounding seas. I am sure you will love these recipes that have been blended using spices and techniques popular in India. Enjoy the Love of India, “With Love From India.”
Latika Bourke was adopted from India, aged eight months. Growing up in Bathurst, New South Wales she felt a deep connection to her Australian home and her Australian family. It wasn't until she heard her name uttered in the hit movie Slumdog Millionaire that Latika recognised she knew nothing of her Indian roots, the world she was born into and what she could have become had she not been brought to Australia as a baby. As Latika carved out a successful career for herself as an award-winning political journalist, she became more and more curious about her heritage and what it meant to be born in India and raised in Australia. And so began a deeply personal and sometimes confronting journey back to her birthplace to unravel the mysteries of her heritage. From India with Love is a beautiful story of finding your place in the world and finding peace with the path that led you there.
A group of writers familiar with the diversity of experiences available in North India offer their views on accommodations, restaurants, shopping, and sights.
"A single stanza of the poet Amaru," declared a ninth-century poetry critic, "may provide the taste of love equal to what's found in whole volumes." Graceful and yet remarkably playful, intensely passionate, and at times hinting of divine transcendence, the poems translated here offer poignant glimpses into the many faces of erotic love. This collection, known in Sanskrit as theAmarushataka("One Hundred Poems of Amaru"), was compiled in the eighth century and remains to this day one of India's finest collections of love poetry. It has never been fully translated into English poetry before. Legend connects the poetry's authorship to King Amaru of Kashmir, while present-day scholars generally consider it an anthology of the verses of many poets. Poet and translator Andrew Schelling's artful translations render the ancient verses with freshness and immediacy. Schelling's compelling introduction and afterword offer musings on the colorful background and history of the original Sanskrit text.
"Richard Beard, an Army psychologist assigned to the 142nd General Hospital in Calcutta, dealt daily with emotional trauma. While American and British soldiers hacked their way through dense tropical forests to build a supply route, Beard immersed himself in the internal jungles of those he treated. A pillar to the men he served, Beard was an astute listener and observer, pleased to be playing his part. But his own pillar was his wife, Reva, half a world away in Findlay, Ohio. In daily letters to Reva, he poured out not only his own longing and passions but also the unfolding drama of war in painfully exquisite detail tempered with tenderness and humor."--BOOK JACKET.
This book chronicles the story of love which is considered an Indian creation. The first love story of the world was found in the Rig Veda and the first comprehensive work on love was written in India with Kamasutra becoming one of its offshoots. Love techniques were perfected over centuries and sculpted on the walls of temples of Khajuraho and Konarak. Since ancient times, rishis in India have believed that it was love which came first and then followed the world. The origin and evolution of love in India is traced by the author in an elaborate manner, providing invaluable insights which make this book a rare treasury in itself. The book draws from concrete sources including cave paintings, ancient archaeological findings and a mass of literature belonging to the Vedic and Buddhist eras to give a complete portrayal of love. Through love lyrics, humorous plays and erotic descriptions, Love in Ancient India takes you through a timeless saga of royalty and grandeur, beauty and infidelity, all of which are interspersed with the concept of the world's most bewitching expression - love.

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