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FROZEN HELL is the original version of John W. Campbell's classic novella, Who Goes There? (filmed as The Thing). Recently discovered among Campbell's papers, this version adds another 45 pages to the story. Includes a Preface by Alec Nevala-Lee and an Introduction by Robert Silverberg.
The true story of the battle between Finland and Russia that erupted at the dawn of World War II. On a November morning in 1939, Soviet bombers began attacking Helsinki, Finland. In the weeks that followed, the tiny Baltic republic would wage a war—the kind of war that spawns legends—against the mighty Soviet Union, which was desperate for a buffer against Nazi Germany. With “a well-balanced blend of narrative and analysis,” historian William R. Trotter tells the story of guerrillas on skis; heroic, single-handed attacks on tanks; unfathomable endurance; and the charismatic leadership of one of the twentieth century’s true military geniuses (Library Journal). This little-known but dramatic battle would be decisive in Finland’s fight to maintain its independence—and A Frozen Hell brings it to fascinating life. Winner of the Finlandia Foundation Award for Arts and Letters “We will not often find a book written with such authority as this one.” —The New York Times Book Review
From the Frozen pits of the Warden Asylum for the Criminally Deranged comes a story of Tim Savage's journey from being the world's richest and most successful man, to his fall into insanity. The comfort and power he earned from the world is all stripped away when he is framed for the murder of 180 women that had been brutally mutilated and tortured before their deaths. Chapter one introduces us to the asylum, known by the inmates as "Frozen Hell," which begs us to question whether this asylum is actually here to rehabilitate the inmates, or is it just here for other reason. They can attack him. They can drop the temperature. But no matter what they do, they can never break him. Will Tim Savage find his innocence again, and become a free man? Or will he completely succumb to the horrors and become a monster? Find out now by purchasing the chapter that begins it all, FROZEN HELL (Chpt 1 - Introduction). -------------- What to expect in this chapter: 1) Blood 2) Violence 3) Witty Remarks and humor 4) Light Torture 5) Stand alone poems 6) A great read
This book, Frozen Chosin, are stories wrapped in fiction. They tell about the U.S. Marines that fought their way from the Chosin Reservoir south to the sea. They fought their way south, down the narrow road that led them out. They braved the subzero weather, and the hordes of Chinese that were there hell-bent on annihilating the First Marine Division. These men marched out, bringing with them their dead and wounded and most of their equipment. They made it to Wonsan and the ships that were there to take them out. Brave men that lived to fight another day. Authors other books: BOOTPRINTS across AFGHANISTAN DEATH and GLORY (IRAQ) 2nd TOUR AFGHANISTAN (Sequel to BOOTRINTS across AFGHANISTAN) BLOOD TRAIL (Vietnam) REMEMBER TO DIE (Vietnam) RETURN TO HELL (Vietnam) FIRE BASE X-RAY (Vietnam) FADED GLORY (Korea) The Forgotten War
Europe’s “winter of the century” (1944-1945) occurred during the conflict of the century—World War II. On December 16, bitter weather and brutal warfare tragically met in Southeastern Belgium’s rolling hills of the Ardennes where the 106th Division had arrived only five days earlier. The well-trained, but inexperienced, soldiers were soon overwhelmed by Hitler’s tanks and troops surging into Belgium. Hell Frozen Over describes the personal experiences of sixteen men—most of them in the 81st Engineers—who were caught in Hitler’s final grasp to strangle the continent. More than half of these men were among the 7,001 in the Division who were taken as prisoners of war. Scattered in camps throughout Germany, they willed themselves to survive as deprivation and even slave labor threatened their lives and sanity. Their comrades-in-arms who escaped capture and remained to fight in foxholes and tanks had other hells to endure, as did the civilians of every town in the area. That winter war permanently stamped its cold, dark memories on the souls of America’s young men who found themselves in the Battle of the Bulge. Their stories, many of them told after many decades of silence, will inspire Americans to realize that the human spirit can survive even the worst circumstances. The torturous experiences of that dedicated generation will remind both present and future generations that freedom from tyranny has come at a horrible price.
Tells the story of the common soldier through the history of New Hampshire combat troops before and during the Civil War.

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