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Much like her amazing career, Jacqui Cooper’s IVF story is full of ups and downs, but always inspiring. After a stellar career as a world champion aerial skier, Jacqui Cooper’s only hope to start a family was IVF. While there’s plenty of technical information out there for women embarking on this process, Jacqui yearned for some real, honest, warts-and-all advice on the highs and lows of IVF. But she couldn’t find it. So, in true Jacqui style, she decided to write it herself. Frozen Hope is Jacqui’s own story of IVF: the emotional responses she didn’t expect, the things she wished she’d known, the things she wished she’d prepared for and those she could never have anticipated. It’s a story of hope despite disheartening odds, extraordinary perseverance and, ultimately, joy and motherhood. ‘The perfect book for anyone embarking on their own IVF journey.’ —Jo Hall Jacqui Cooper is Australia’s most successful aerial skier. In a career spanning two decades, she became the first woman in Olympic history, summer or winter, to represent Australia at five Olympic Games. Jacqui won five world titles, 39 World Cup medals, 24 World Cup wins and three major World Championship medals, and is now a motivational speaker and the mother of three small children. She has also just launched a gluten-free range of frozen dough products, Food for Me
I began writing to my unborn child as soon as my wife and I decided to have a child. Never could I have imagined what an amazing journey was set in motion. These intensely personal letters capture my hopes and fears as my wife and I progress through the various stages of IVF, our daughter's stay in the NICU, and our first year as a family. From giving my wife daily shots to staring at the various screens monitoring my newborn daughter, the book attempts to capture the emotions of a loving husband and father trying to be the man both his girls need. The book concludes with my honest, unadulterated reflections on having going through IVF and the NICU. My hope is that my candid sharing may help others gain a greater sense of the emotions involved in having an IVF or NICU baby.
After eighteen years of devout, okay, unwilling bachelorhood, Robert Forde finally met Iona, the woman of his dreams. With a great job and a perfect wife what could possibly go wrong? Fate, of course, was more than happy to answer that stupid question. Life was going swimmingly until the time arrived to start planning a family but little did Robert or Iona realise just what lay ahead for them both. Against a backdrop of the credit crunch, union strikes and erupting volcanoes they find themselves entering the incredible world of in-vitro fertilisation. Along the way they have to struggle against hideous bureaucracy, terrible incompetence and all those nasty little surprises that life can throw up as well as those quirky incidents you simply cannot make up! “The Journey of Love and Hope” is the story of a book. It is a very particular book of which but a single copy exists and which is aimed at a very exclusive audience. It is the account that Rob Forde wrote for his child-to-be explaining not only the motivations that drove him and Iona on but the struggles they had to endure in their quest to have a child. It is a message through time, a record of events to a very special person, a book which may never be read written for a child who may never come into existence. “The Journey of Love and Hope” is a fascinating bitter-sweet insight into IVF, written from the point of view of just your regular kind of bloke.
What do you do when you want to be a mother more than anything in this worldbut your body betrays you? Do you leave it to the forces of nature and prayer? Do you cling to wisps of hope? Or do you wait for a miracle? Sometimes, you have to work towards the miracle and that means seeking help. My Frozen Embryo chronicles the story of my empty womb, my struggle, my acceptance if being tagged as a woman who could not conceive naturally, the physical & emotional pain that finally lead to a twin pregnancy and motherhood. It was very important for me to tell my story. When I was going through all those fertility treatments, I had no one to fall back on. I had no book to read. I did not have anyone to tell me how a procedure would take place. It was then, that I decided that educating women facing this situation was important. This thought gave birth to my book. It was time to remove the taboo surrounding the words Fertility Treatment. My Frozen Embryo is a personal journey towards parenthoodthe journey, I so proudly narrate today.
69 Million Chances is a story about a couple’s plight to start a family. They had gotten married and she had thrown the pill away the very next day, and if she was being honest with herself, she was nervous about falling pregnant straight away. She needn’t have worried, after three years of trying, she still wasn’t pregnant and the prospects didn’t look good. In and out of the bedroom they had exhausted all options and all that was left was IVF. And this was the one path they didn’t want to be lead to. As IVF isn’t known for its simplicity, and you are taken through their emotional journey in depth with an insight into how the process, procedures and drugs affects their once happy little home. They find the only thing they have left to rely on is hope to get them from one stage to the next and constantly question if it (hope) actually exists: this alongside with God. The Catholic Church doesn’t believe in IVF and this makes them question their faith. Faced with the unsuccessful attempt of their last frozen embryos, their last hope, they had to decide whether to try the whole IVF process again? She consulted a clairvoyant for some clear direction. The clairvoyant couldn’t answer her but did say she sees her with two children on a beach. Is that enough hope to keep trying?
Since telling the story of her own fertility journey in Dare to Dream, Izzy Judd has been contacted by hundreds of women wanting to share their own experiences. Izzy's greatest wish is to get people talking about the issues surrounding fertility and for them to find comfort in the knowledge that they are not alone. As Izzy herself says: 'Going through any kind of fertility-related struggle or the loss of a baby can be such a lonely and isolating time and I know it can really help to know that there are other couples out there sharing the same experiences and emotions as you are ... it is for this reason that I decided to put together a collection of your stories into this free ebook so that as many people as possible can share them and hopefully find comfort and support in reading about the experiences of others who are on their fertility journeys.'
"Throughout the entire history of world armed conflict, the proportion of battle injuries involving the genitals was minimal--rarely above 5%. But sadly, by the end of 2007, this statistic was no longer valid for the U.S. military. While standard-issue body armor protects the torso, some lower extremity wounds are so severe that all or part of the reproductive organs are obliterated." --E Scott Sills, MD PhD As America picks up the pieces from more than a decade of war, a caliper has never been laid across one critical casualty--the long-term consequences of military service on the fertility of those in uniform. Written for a general audience, "Fighting At The Fertility Front" includes separate chapters for men & women and follows their journeys from reception & basic training to far-away places like the open burn pits of Afghanistan, and back. The list of ingredients here is provocative: Sex, soldiers' fertility, overseas service, and the "military-industrial-congressional complex" that funds it all...or, in the case of fertility treatment for Veterans, paradoxically denies funding. This one-of-a-kind book confronts some deeply unsettling questions from our armed service members and their loved ones: Should I be worried about fertility if my partner is in the military? How can hazards of defense work diminish future reproductive capacity? Is it true that the Army's standard combat uniform is coated with a potential reproductive toxin? The answers may surprise you. Before deciding on a fertility attack plan, you need credible intelligence about the target. Until now, there has never been any field-book outlining maneuvers to maximize the chances of a military patient growing his or her family. Recognizing that fertility after deployment is another "unknown unknown" of military service, this book helps guide a clear way to bring back baby.

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