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Tohru should be having the time of her life during summer break at the Sohmas' vacation home...but ever since Akito appeared, Yuki and the others go off every day to meet with the zodiac leader. On top of that, Yuki is acting weird...! And when Tohru encounters the Horse of the zodiac, does that leave Akito as the Rooster?! Later, as the next school term begins, the new student council assembles at last!! While Yuki and those around him are occupied, Tohru secretly visits Kazuma. She wishes to free everyone in the Sohma family from their "curse" and looks to him for a clue...Unexpectedly, however, Rin is poised to hinder Tohru's efforts...!!
The curse is crumbling, and Akito is doing anything to clutch at the broken threads that remain. Does the end of the curse mean catastrophe for the members of the zodiac, or will it bring the much needed healing they've all dreamed of? Tohru's bright love and generosity will become a beacon of hope in the dark...!
Long used and respected by collectors, this book provides current prices of more than 10,000 old and modern bottles -- manufactured from the 1700s to the 1990s -- in more than 80 categories. Included are figurals, bitters, flasks, ink, beer, milk, soda, perfume, medicine, Avon, Jim Beam, Ezra Brooks, and other collectible bottles. The Kovels provide company histories, a list of national and regional bottle collectors' clubs, bottle auction houses, publications of special interest to collectors, and an extensive bibliography.
For use in schools and libraries only. Tohru Honda is an orphaned teenager who comes to live with the Sohma family in exchange for housekeeping duties, but she soon comes to know the family secret.
The first full-length study of a master carpenter, wood carver, and early American architectural designer
Momo realizes that she does not know much about new boyfriend Kiley, but while she is trying to strengthen their relationship, outside forces including Kiley's ex-girlfriend, Morika, try to break them apart.
A comprehensive guide to antiques and collectibles, complete with prices, and listings.

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