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The Gold Standard GAMSAT textbook 2015-2016 Edition has more than 440 brand new pages of helpful content. We started by adding more Section 1 and 2 strategies, practice questions, and mini-tests with worked solutions. Over 100 brand new pages reviewing GAMSAT math from simple to complex including logs, exponents, graph analysis and lots of practice questions with helpful worked solutions. Included are revised questions for the full-length exam at the back of the book. And, for the first time ever, a total of more than 1000 practice questions available in the book and online using the Online Access Card which is found in each GAMSAT textbook.
This edition includes an Online Access Card and Section 1 has been revised. This edition also takes into consideration the fact that the GAMSAT no longer permits calculators and so the steps of all calculations are shown. The Gold Standard has integrated textbook reading and many free features including online problem solving with explanations, essays for you to review in the book and online, ten hours of online teaching videos with ideas presented in clear terms, online equation lists and organic reaction summary, hundreds of additional practice questions with a forum thread to discuss every individual question--and much more. The Gold Standard GAMSAT DVD includes sixteen science review DVDs prepared for the MCAT with all the major GAMSAT science topics clearly explained,, and to increase study efficiency, flashcards, MP3s, and an iPhone application. The flashcards and iPhone App point to the appropriate section in the book and the book points to the DVD lecture.
From basic, warm-up exercises to GAMSAT-level practice questions. Full-length, pull-out GS-1 GAMSAT practice paper with PIN for online access to worked solutions, forum and scaled scores for one year. Also includes medical school admissions advice including potential interview questions and helpful strategies. Book 1 from the 3-book Gold ......
Medical Education at a Glance -- Contents -- Preface -- Acknowledgements -- About the editors -- Contributors -- Part 1 Overview and broad concepts -- 1 What is medical education? -- 2 Stages of medical education -- 3 Evidence-guided education -- 4 Learning theories: paradigms and orientations -- 5 Learning theories and clinical practice -- 6 The curriculum -- 7 Planning and design -- 8 Equality, diversity and inclusivity -- 9 Principles of selection -- 10 Evaluation -- 11 Educational leadership -- 12 International perspectives -- Part 2 Medical education in practice -- 13 Large group teaching: planning and design -- 14 Large group teaching: delivery -- 15 Small group teaching: planning and design -- 16 Small group teaching: delivery -- 17 Clinical teaching: planning and design -- 18 Clinical teaching: delivery -- 19 Simulation: planning and design -- 20 Simulation: delivery -- 21 Patient involvement in education -- 22 Ward-based and bedside teaching -- 23 Learning and teaching in ambulatory settings -- 24 Teaching in the operating theatre -- 25 Interprofessional education -- 26 Reflective practice -- 27 Teaching clinical reasoning -- 28 Professionalism -- 29 Peer learning and teaching -- 30 Communication -- 31 Problem-based and case-based learning -- 32 Learner support -- 33 Supporting professional development activities -- 34 Mentoring and supervision -- 35 e-Learning -- 36 Social media -- Part 3 Assessment and feedback -- 37 Feedback -- 38 Principles of assessment -- 39 Written assessments -- 40 Assessment of clinical skills -- 41 Work-based assessment -- 42 Assessing professionalism -- 43 Portfolios -- 44 Setting pass marks -- 45 Developing yourself as a medical educator -- Further reading -- References -- Index -- EULA
This deck of flashcards is meant to be used as a memory aid and to solidify concepts by considering the questions before turning the card over to review the answers.Product Details: Key information for Biology, Physics, General and Organic Chemistry.Covers the key science concepts required for the GAMSAT.Dozens of high quality diagrams, mnemonics and illustrations in colour!Bonus feature: each card has a reference to the relevant chapter in our Gold Standard GAMSAT book for further review of that particular science topic (the Gold Standard GAMSAT textbook is the winner of the 2013 International Book Awards in the Education/Academic category)
All you need to know about becoming a doctor in the UK This book contains all the help you need to become a doctor. From applying to medical school through to choosing your specialty, you can find out: How to choose a medical school How to get into medical school How to survive as a medical student All about electives What life is like as a doctor As well as easy to follow information on choosing, getting into - and surviving - medical school, junior doctors in different specialties provide unique insight with firsthand accounts of what the job is like in real life, to help you plan and decide your future career path. Included in this fully updated third edition is the latest information on admission tests, an admission table with practical details about each medical school (as well as greater coverage of graduate medical schools), making this now even more comprehensive for everyone planning a career in medicine.

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