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In SISSINGHURST: A DREAM GARDEN Tim Richardson reveals the magic and the mystery of these world-famous and most evocative English gardens, famous for their horticulture, their creators and the realisation of personal dreams.
Don't worry, Create your dream garden isn't your usual garden makeover book that tries to convince you to put decking over every plant you have. Instead this book will help you to discover what's practical for you to achieve and most importantly what you can do that's relatively low maintenance. It is designed to help you achieve the garden you have always wanted while also being practical and realistic about the time you have to do it. By the end of this book you won't have a degree in horticulture, but you will have a garden that blooms and delights.
Millions of us want to improve our home and surroundings,and there's tons of advice out there to help us; a never-ending avalanche of books, magazines, websites and TVprogrammes. But who's got the time to wade through thislot to sift the stuff that works from the rubbish? Whatwe need are failsafe short cuts to turning our ......
A celebration of the people and gardens of the Lake District in photographs and words. Included are gardens being actively created, gardens at the peak of perfection and those which are being restored. The book contains interviews with the gardens' owners plus location and opening details.
Provides an analysis of the dreams found in Hong lou meng and their structural function in allegory.
The incomparable Simone Signoret (1921-1985), one of the grand actresses of the twentieth century and one of France's most notable stars, considered herself the "oldest discovery" in Hollywood. After years of blacklisting during the McCarthy era, she was thirty-eight years old when she entered Hollywood through the back door in the 1959 British blockbuster Room at the Top. Her portrayal of the endearing Alice Aisgill earned her the Academy Award in 1960, the first French actor to win a coveted Oscar. Though a latecomer to Hollywood, Signoret was already an international star who had survived the Nazi occupation of Paris, emerging in 1945 as a beautiful, promising actress capable of communicating more emotion through body language than dialogue alone could achieve. She gained a reputation as the thinking man's sex symbol, and in several films she portrayed prostitutes with subtlety and depth. She was fiercely protective of her privacy. But after winning the Oscar, she was dragged through the gutter when her second husband, Yves Montand, had a widely publicized affair with Marilyn Monroe. Many attributed her rapid aging and alcoholism to this betrayal. She endured this perception in silence, all the while demonstrating a remarkable capacity to reinvent herself as a best-selling author, respected social activist, and revered actress who remained in the cinema, her "garden of dreams," for over four decades. Patricia A. DeMaio combines Signoret's courageous story with Montand's biography to reveal new information and insight into Signoret's humanitarian efforts and the vibrant film career that sustained her.
Fulfilled Dreams is the title of my book. The title fits the book perfectly. I believe that I have fulfilled my dreams with this book, and a lot of things in my life. I have been writing for a while. I have put a lot of work into this book. It is full of amazing poems that will make people laugh, cry, and also fall in love. It also has poems that are inspirational. It will open up peoples eyes and hearts about a lot of things. My whole reason in writing this book is to inspire people to do better. Everyone one has the opportunity to do better and become successful. This book talks about goals, and success. It will also help you grow as a person. It helped me grow as a person in the process of writing it. I love writing, and I was inspired to write more by my best friend. Hopefully this book can inspire future writers to keep on writing and also fulfilled their dreams. I am so happy to have become a published author. I have been waiting along time for this to happen ever since I wrote my first poem at 17. I want to think my audience, and readers. I also want you to know that this is a wonderful opportunity for me and I dont take it for granted. Fulfilled dreams have changed my life. I hope that that you enjoy it just like I enjoy putting it together.
This book offers the first detailed analysis of how the Surrealists utilized the tactics of documentary and how Surrealist ideas in turn influenced the development of documentary photography. The last two decades have seen the re-emergence of Surrealist photography, but with an emphasis on work made in the studio or the darkroom. This, however, is a study of what Louis Aragon called 'surrealist realism': the exploration of a real-life surreality encountered on the streets of the city. This book throws new light on Surrealism, emphasizing its connections with the everyday life of the city.
In this precious poetic autobiography, Gabriella Bianco not only tells the final hour of an existencethat of her son Robert Steve but also the loss of a great love, in a world full of absences. Gabriella Bianco challenges her destiny, inviting us to the caducity of all that surrounds usfeelings, love, life and even the most precious gift, a son. In the loving relation not only with language and poetry, but also with the drama of life, Bianco needs to reveal a secrether sons deathand share it with her sons father, as a moral and absolute duty. From the point of view of the truth and the death of a child, this text is sacred, although, refusing to take the place of the victim under the circumstances, Bianco knowslike all tragic heroes that nothing different would have been possible with her destiny. This valuable literary narration reaches a deeply dramatic effect, as it is so painfully connected to a vital experience. The story always speaks about love, charging this word with immense emotion, whispering words in their agonizing beauty. Bianco tells us what she knows about herself and about the facts, digging in her own soul, with perplexity and nostalgia. In this story, the past is a split mirror, where nothing turned out to be the same. Here the theme of love has the marks of time and renunciation, the mark of destiny. In this narration, Bianco reaches a balance of great beauty, between said and unspoken words, between suggested and explicit thoughts, in a great richness of nuances, when the text turns unstable, facing the emotions stirred up by this testimony.
What happens when Grace enters a world where birds speak, and she receives messages that reveal profound truths about herself?
This new collaboration between Dutch landscapers guides the reader in the selection of over 1,200 plants most suitable for Oudolf's New Wave naturalism, emphasizing the importance of plant structures in providing all-season interest, and more. 262 photos & illustrations.
Prepare yourself for an emotionally charged experience that will cross the spectrum from the heights of immense joy to the depths of unimaginable, profound sorrow. A Dream of My Father: My Journey through the Gospels with Jesus, by Doris Torosian, will leave you emotionally shaken and spellbound. It will cast doubting souls into disarray, set tepid souls on fire, and give the faithful the encouragement needed to follow even more closely to Jesus in their journey with him. Experience the humanity of Jesus and his tender love for his people as well as the awesome, miraculous power of our God made man in an incredibly visual and unforgettable setting.
The Singing Crane Garden in northwest Beijing has a history dense with classical artistic vision, educational experimentation, political struggle, and tragic suffering. Built by the Manchu prince Mianyu in the mid-nineteenth century, the garden was intended to serve as a refuge from the clutter of daily life near the Forbidden City. In 1860, during the Anglo-French war in China, the garden was destroyed. One hundred years later, in the 1960s, the garden served as the "ox pens," where dissident university professors were imprisoned during the Cultural Revolution. Peaceful Western involvement began in 1986, when ground was broken for the Arthur Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology. Completed in 1993, the museum and the Jillian Sackler Sculpture Garden stand on the same grounds today. In Place and Memory in the Singing Crane Garden, Vera Schwarcz gives voice to this richly layered corner of China's cultural landscape. Drawing upon a range of sources from poetry to painting, Schwarcz retells the garden's complex history in her own poetic and personal voice. In her exploration of cultural survival, trauma, memory, and place, she reveals how the garden becomes a vehicle for reflection about history and language. Encyclopedic in conception and artistic in execution, Place and Memory in the Singing Crane Garden is a powerful work that shows how memory and ruins can revive the spirit of individuals and cultures alike.
As I reflect on my memories, I often break down periods of life into four areas. I have heard throughout life about the golden days or the winter of ones life. I never quite understood why this period was important but it always intrigued me. Well, I have reached those golden days of life and as I look back, I find that life is pretty standard and everyone goes through the same or similar experiences at some time along the way. I am taking the liberty of using references to the progression of life from experiences of many with whom I have had the pleasure of knowing and befriending and from experiences in my own life. Join Mary Lee in between the pages of this book and witness the complete changes in her life as a positive experience for others in future years.
The complex architectural legacy of this most notable period in our nation's history is discussed from a different perspective by each contributor.
Learning of a plot to derail the vital software he’s developing, JD Marshall is on the run with his adolescent son, his computers, and his raw nerve. Forced off the road and injured in the middle of Nowheresville, KY, he’s left at the mercy of Nina Toon, an infuriatingly independent teacher who commands his formidable attention in dangerous ways. Nina is equally unsettled by the Harley-riding stranger negotiating his way into her life. He claims to have the money to make her dreams of a botanical garden come true. But how can she trust a rugged charmer who’s brought a murderer to her quiet town? Even worse, how can she not? Romance Writers of America Rita Finalist ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Wonderful storytelling…Make sure you add Garden of Dreams to your must read pile.” Romantic Times “Patricia Rice is a master storyteller!” Mary Jo Putney “Lively and fast-paced… Curl up with Patricia Rice’s latest and hold your breath!” The Literary Times “Engaging… You can always count on Patricia Rice for an entertaining story with just the right mix of romance, humor, and emotion.” The Romance Reader “Ms. Rice’s debut into contemporary is a huge success with this magnificent novel. Her characters are charming and the reader will fall in love with every one of them. The plot is refreshingly delightful, and she throws in a few curves that add to the fun. A definite joy to read.” Rendezvous “Charming, refreshingly delightful… A definite joy to read” Rendezvous keywords: contemporary romance, Kentucky, botanical garden, computer guru, motorcycles; strong heroine
What does your dream garden look like? Why not sketch it! Dream, Draw, Design My Garden is the perfect inspirational sketchbook, idea book and guided journal for anyone wanting to draw and design their own landscape, yard, or garden! Enojy the stimulating ideas and prompts for patterns, colors, details and design elements to help dreamers get motivated and get started. This playful book is meant to be a visual guide, not a technical handbook, so you can create until your garden is full and flourishing righ on the pages! James Hobbs, whose quick sketching techniques were featured in The Art of Urban Sketching and the best selling Sketch Your World, will guide both experienced and amateur sketchers. The unfinished quality of his line drawings leave room for the reader to imagine how they would use it themselves, through different color interpretations or redrawing for their own purposes. Whether you dream of an English rose garden, a desert rock garden, or a beautiful pondscape, Dream, Draw, Design My Garden will let your creativity grow!

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