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Get Married, Stay Married is a complete series of marriage counseling sessions rolled into one comprehensive book that couples can read and absorb together. The reality of the authors’ own 44-year marriage and the infidelity and addiction troubles they faced bring home the credibility of their sound advice based on biblical principles and real-life experiences. With honesty, humor, and profound insight, Get Married, Stay Married speaks directly to the difficult truths of marriage with authentic, redemptive love. Timeless principals and practical tools are presented for all modern-day couples: Preparing for marriage. Who want to strengthen and safeguard an already stable marriage. Who want to bring healing and wholeness to a struggling marriage. Get Married, Stay Married is a unique map and compass that keeps any marriage on the road to lifelong joy and fulfillment. The secrets you learn will dramatically change for the better your life, your spouse, and your love for each other.
It's easy to fall in love and to get married. But what does it really mean to be married? And how do you stay married? In Becoming Married, Staying Married, couples will be encouraged to see marriage as a process that never ends. Together they will reflect on current realities particular to African American couples. They will also discover nine key principles that are required for healthy marriages, including concepts like self-awareness, flexibility, maturity, and forgiveness. Practical suggestions on how to further enhance each quality are included, in addition to African proverbs and biblical Scripture that relate to marriage. Questions for discussion and reflection are included at the end of each chapter. This insightful resource can be used by African American couples at various stages of their relationship, but it is especially helpful to engaged and newly married couples. Pastor may also choose to use this book as a discussion starter for premarital counseling.
Everyone wants to know the secret to getting and staying married. Research shows that married people are healthier than their single or divorced peers and that they tend to make more money and to report being far happier. But how to get there? In this special edition of TIME, we reveal:The new research on attraction and desire: what stokes it and what whittles it awayThe latest science on how a secure attachment to a spouse can measurably change your brain and protect your body from stressGreat advice from literature on love and commitmentWhat a healthy sex life looks likeThe one trait every marriage needsMoney moves every couple should makeWhy the divorce rate is at a 30-year low
Leave No Way Out is meant to be used as a guide to help married and non-married couples through some of lifes most difficult decisions when considering if they should get or stay married. The book is meant to aide those who are wrestling through the dark seasons in marriage. When you are dealing with your spouses issues and the different ordeals that may arise during marriage, you may find yourself wanting out. Marriage is work. Alongside of raising children, marriage is the most difficult, yet completely rewarding feat a person can experience. When thinking about getting married or staying in your marriage, you must consider many factors. First, if you are considering marriage, you must ask yourself if the two of you make sense together. Are you headed in the same direction? Are you equally yoked? After reading this book you should be able to answer these questions and make an informed decision. Sadly, most who consider marriage fail to think through the fact that marriage is about spending a lifetime together with another person; This means forever, for better or for worse. To those who are already married, or to those who are rethinking their marriage; reading this book may help you remain married. There are many reasons to get married but only one reason for divorce. When thinking of marriage, you must remember to LEAVE NO WAY OUT.
This collection of life lessons and wisdom will help you navigate your marital journey with greater ease. You can keep your married life balanced and centered simply by the choices you make. This little book offers practical, timeless advice on such topics as: Attitude ¥ Finances ¥ Faith ¥ Integrity ¥ Security ¥ Patience Take to heart these simple messages, and your marriage will be blessed with happiness and peace.
When Jilly Cooper, then a young Sunday Times journalist, was asked to write a book on marriage, she had been married to Leo Cooper for a mere seven years. Now they are celebrating their Golden Wedding, and although the institution of marriage has changed a great deal since this book was first written, much of Jilly's advice - frank, fearless, often hilarious, but always wise - still holds good. From the wedding and the honeymoon to life afterwards, including how to deal with the in-laws and how to tell if you spouse is having an affair, she dispenses anecdotes, jokes, common sense and endless optimism and fun.
In Getting Married, Carrie Yodanis and Sean Lauer examine the social rules and expectations that shape our most personal relationships. How do couples get together? How do people act when they’re married? What happens when they’re not? Public factors influence our private relationships. From getting engaged to breaking up, social rules and expectations shape and constrain whom we select as a spouse, when and why we decide to get married, and how we arrange our relationships day to day. While this book is about marriage, it is also about sociology. Yodanis and Lauer use the case of marriage to explore a sociological perspective. Getting Married will bring together students’ academic and social worlds by applying sociology to the things they are thinking about and experiencing outside of the classroom. This book is a useful tool for many sociology courses, including those on family, gender, and introduction to sociology.

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