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"Get Your Act Together" proposes that tools of acting are powerful pathways for healing. This 'Toolkit' contains methodology uniquely formatted as healing exercises. These acting exercises authoritatively engage the mind/body connection to create new patterns of behavior and fresh perceptions of oneself. Utilizing the metaphor of theater, Ms. Collyer creates an innovative bridge between the craft and the healing of the soul.
I have written this book because I yearn to see more joy and well-being for all people, I want to see the health of Mother Earth restored, and I want to know that she will be protected for future generations. This vision will involve millions of people doing their part to transform our culture and society. We can begin with ourselves, and then e...
The heart of this book offers well over 60 mindset lessons that are broken down into bite-sized chunks so they are easy to read. To get the most out of them, read one a week or one a day at most. Give them time to sink in, let these lessons roll around in your head. And then take action based on what you've learned.
In Declare War on Yourself, you'll learn:- What it means to actually "have your act together" and how it helps you get the life you actually want- Why only 3% of us actually have our life together and the rest of us can't figure it out- Why society's definition of "having your act together" leads you in the wrong direction- Why we're consciously choosing not to have our act together- The things giving us a false sense of having our act together- Signs you don't have your act together and have work to do- The real and simple definition of being successful- The one thing about your personality keeping you from having your life together- The part of your brain that is constantly sabotaging you and doesn't want you to improve- Things you're not doing that you should be doing- Things you're not focused on that you should be focused on- Very important things you're ignoring and not making a priority- Reasons we're lazy, we don't push ourselves as hard as we should, and we keep giving up- The things happening in and around your life that you shouldn't be "OK" with but you are- How it's easier than you think to accomplish anything you want or that needs to be done- 3 things that will change your life forever if you do them on a regular basis- What it actually takes to change yourself and get your life together for good- The people and situations that are actually holding you back from getting your act together- What actually matters and doesn't matter when you want to get your act and life together- Two types of people you can be and what makes them successful and unsuccessful- Where you stand in your life, which level you're on, and how to move forward from it- How what you're programming your mind with each minute of each day is helping you or hurting you- What change you're looking for, who you're aiming to become, and who the ideal you is- How much time you're actually wasting each day on useless thoughts and activities- The things that are really stopping you from moving in the right direction with your life- What thoughts, emotions, feelings, people, places, and things are getting in your way- Which thoughts are worth your time and a waste of your time- Which emotions are actually holding you back and causing you to move backwards- How to eliminate "chaos" from your mind, daily routine, and your life- How to eliminate the distractions and prevent them from killing your focus- How to identify the 80% of thoughts, feelings, activities, people, and things are a waste of your time- How to replace your trash habits without having to focus on them too much- How to find out what you don't need in your life and how to get rid of it- What you need to accept about yourself and your life in order to move forward- 3 things you need to be absolutely clear with yourself about so you don't keep making these mistakes- Boundaries and rules you should establish with yourself so you stay on track and make things happen- Things you're consciously doing that are making you unhappy, unproductive, and unsuccessful- 4 things you need to stop doing immediately to be a good example to yourself and others- How to commit to yourself, respect yourself, and do what you say you're going to do- The one mindset that creates permanent change and sets you apart from everyone else- 3 mindsets that will help you reach your goals faster and easier- "Failure" mindsets you need to eliminate as of yesterday- Powerful mindsets that help the world's most elite people keep their head on straight- Mental toughness - how to develop it and how it gets you through anything- How to make self-control and self-discipline easier- How your environment is playing a big part in where you're currently at- How to handle your dark moments and what to do about themAnd More!
Offers fourteen recommendations to achieve a healthier lifestyle, offering tips on such topics as nutrition, exercise, and the development of healthy habits.
Confidence is essential for any stand–up comic and having confidence in your material is the first step to having greater confidence on stage. It is said that proper preparation makes for professional performance and this book provides the tools to achieve this, offering down-to-earth practical advice and a logical progression from identifying your stage persona, thinking about your audience and the craft of honing comedy material to fit your persona and audience, through to structuring your stand-up set, preparing for when things might go wrong, and last but not least – progressing your career. Get Your Act Together is a book for anyone who wants to be serious about becoming a stand-up comic and wants to do it well.

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