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A proven plan for overcoming the painful end of any romantic relationship, including divorce, with practical strategies for healing, getting your confidence back, and finding true love It's over--and it really hurts. But as unbelievable as it may seem when you are in the throes of heartache, you can move past your breakup. Forget about trying to win your ex back. Forget about losing yourself and trying to make this person love you. Starting today, this breakup is the best time to change your life for the better, inside and out. Through her workshops and popular blog, Susan Elliott has helped thousands of people transform their love lives. Now in Getting Past Your Breakup, she'll help you put your energy back where it belongs--on you. Her plan includes: The rules of disengagement: how and why to go "no contact" with your ex How to work through grief, move past fear, and take back your life The secret to breaking the pattern of failed relationships What to do when you can't stop thinking about your ex, texting, calling, checking social networking sites, or driving by the house
The GPYP workbook teaches you how to:* Use your powers of observation, preparation and cultivation;* Raise your self-esteem and self-respect;* Set personal boundaries and change your interaction with others;* Rebalance overdeveloped defense mechanisms;* Set goals and visualize your success at achieving them;* Succeed at No Contact;* Heal your unresolved grief;The GPYP workbook will help you create an individualizedprogram toOVERCOME THE PAST,ENRICH THE PRESENTandACHIEVE A HAPPY, HEALTHY FUTURE!
It's not a novel, but it's not a book like any other. In this book you will find exercises to do daily and a reflection on the meaning of life. These are the things that helped me get out of a difficult love break-up. I have regained a taste for life and today I give you the keys that will allow you to succeed too. Paperback 6 x 9 inches / 98 pages Made in the USA Angela RUOL EDITIONS / 2020 All Rights Reserved
The goal here is not just about getting over someone, it's about how to always feel complete within yourself. You will learn techniques to get past your breakup but you will also learn to love yourself to the point that no one can ever break you again. So that no one will ever again control your mood or allow you to give up or feel worthless. If you can understand why you do the things you do, why you chose the people you choose. If you could learn to turn your scars into wisdom, heal and accept who you are, you will change your story. No one will ever be able to interfere with your happiness ever again. It is a must that you become the best version of yourself and you will. In the end, you'll eventually meet your one true love, Yourself!
Your girlfriend who you loved with all your heart has just broken up with you, leaving you devastated. You have difficulty accepting that the relationship is truly over. You feel depressed and lonely, and nothing you do seems to raise your spirits. There are days when you miss her badly and desperately want her back - you plot a strategy, but you never act on it. On other days you want to get over her and leave the relationship behind you, but for some reason you are unable to. You can get past these feelings. You can get over your break-up and get on with your life. The Breakup Survival Guide for Men is here to help. It offers innovative ways in which to direct your time and energy while rebuilding your confidence, allowing you to pull yourself out of your negative state of mind. It will help you learn lessons from your break-up, and find constructive ways to cope with your feelings of sadness and grief. And you will finally be able to achieve closure. You will learn how to: - Accept the end of the relationship. - Keep yourself from contacting your ex. - Avoid stress during the healing process. - Grieve properly and immediately after the break-up so that you don't get stuck in an endless cycle of grieving. - Analyze and review what happened during your relationship so that you can achieve closure on your own. - Live in the present and look towards the future instead of obsessing about the past. - Avoid denigrating yourself and gain back your confidence. Everyone heals at a different pace. But with the help and advice offered in The Breakup Survival Guide for Men, getting over your break-up will be less traumatic, and you will get to a healthy place emotionally quicker than you ever thought possible.
You're ready for a new romance, but how can you avoid repeating past mistakes? The author of Getting Past Your Breakup offers an essential guide to building a healthy relationship. Plenty of dating books offer advice on how to flirt or catch someone's eye, but they won't help you make better decisions during the selection process so you can find real love. Based on years of research and work with her own clients, Susan Elliott offers a proven plan that will help you to: Examine past relationships for unfinished business and negative patterns Identify warning signs and red flags Keep your standards and boundaries high, even when you're head over heels Work through rejection, rebounding, and other bumps in the road Decide when to take a relationship to the next level and when to say goodbye With practical rules, strategies, and self-assessments—including tips for dating as a parent and dating online—Getting Back Out There will help you transition from your split to a happy, healthy new relationship.

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