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Getting Ready for College is the ultimate easy-to-use guide to success for college-bound seniors, first-years, and their parents. Polly Berent answers the questions you didn’t know you would need to ask: • What’s the deal on financial aid and cash management? • Should I bring a flashlight to school? Do I really need a microwave and a vacuum cleaner? • Should I call Mom every time I’m homesick? Will my boyfriend/girlfriend wait for me? • Will having a credit card help me? Do I need quarters for the laundry? • When should I lock my room? Where can I fill my prescriptions in my new town? • Should I take intro classes or harder classes? Should I join a frat/sorority? • How could I possibly have time to figure all this out and keep in touch with my old friends? This essential manual includes day planners, notes on how to take notes, tips on how to make a “real life” file, and advice from scores of college students in the trenches as well as campus health-care professionals, college counselors, administrators, and financial-aid advisers. This is everything you need to know about getting ready for college, from students and parents just like you.
Create programs that prepare students for college, careers, and the new and challenging assessments of the Common Core State Standards Written for all educators but with an emphasis on those at the secondary level, this important resource shows how to develop programs that truly prepare students for both the Common Core assessments and for college and career readiness. Based on multiple research studies conducted by Conley as well as experience he has gained from working with dozens of high schools that succeed with a wide range of students, the book provides specific strategies for teaching the CCSS in ways that improve readiness for college and careers for the full range of students. Draws from research-based models for creating programs for high school students that will ensure readiness for tests and for college and beyond Includes strategies and practices for teachers to help students develop postsecondary preparedness Is the third in a series of books on readiness written by David Conley, including College Knowledge and College and Career Ready Teachers can use this valuable resource to understand the "big picture" behind the Common Core State Standards, how to teach to them in ways that prepare students for new, challenging assessments being implemented over the next few years and, more importantly, how to help all students be ready for learning beyond high school.
Offers advice on choosing a college, undergoing the application process, uncovering the financial resources to pay tuition and expenses, and adjusting to the academic and personal challenges that first-year students face.
With college tuition rising significantly over the past three decades (Snyder, Dillow, and Hoffman 2009), students and parents have become increasingly concerned about college affordability, financial aid, and financial preparations for postsecondary education. This set of Issue Tables, one of a series examining students' preparation for college, draws upon data from the Education Longitudinal Study of 2002 (ELS:02) to address these concerns. Tables 1 and 2 present data on how high school seniors and their parents rated the importance of low college expenses and the availability of financial aid in choosing a college, distinguishing between students who planned to attend 2-year or 4-year postsecondary institutions. Tables 3 and 4 examine the various financial preparations that parents had made as of 2002 for their children's future education. Table 3 looks at parents of students who planned to attend 4-year postsecondary institutions after high school, and table 4 focuses on parents of students who planned to attend 2-year institutions. Table 5 examines whether high school seniors in 2004 who had applied to college by 2006 had applied for financial aid and, if not, their reasons for not applying. Estimates in all tables are shown for all specified students in the high school senior class of 2004 and by a wide range of student, family, and high school characteristics. A glossary and technical notes are included.
The purpose of this book is to guide parents and teachers in fostering the blind/visually impaired child's skill development in such critical areas as academics, independent movement and travel, social interaction, daily living, and self-advocacy, so that he or she will truly be on the road to an independent future. A practical, easy to use guide, written in plain English, the book warns about common problem areas and provides ideas for getting and keeping the child's education and development on track.
Prevent summer learning loss and prepare students for high school with this parent-involvement resource. Designed to bridge the away-from-school gap in instruction with standards-based activities in reading, writing, and mathematics, this full-color resource features: activities that both reinforce information learned from middle school and prepare students for success in high school; suggestions for how to succeed in high school and prepare for college and career during the upcoming years; strategies that model how parents and caregivers can be more involved in their child's learning during breaks from school; and information about assessments to prepare students for high school success. Prevent the summer slide with the engaging activities in this student workbook!
This book serves as a guide for mastering the complexities of collegiate success. The focus is on minority students, who tend to be first generation college students and struggle as a result. The author describes every detail of the collegiate process, and provides students with the guidance they need to be successful. He carefully describes his own experiences, as a student and a professor, and informs students of the common pitfalls that plague many minorities as they head off to obtain higher education. About the Author Dr. Boyce D. Watkins is a professor of Finance at Syracuse University. He has won multiple academic awards as a successful student, obtaining 2 bachelors degrees in 3 years with a nearly perfect grade point average, as well as several advanced degrees. He was the Wall Street Journal Outstanding Graduating Senior in Finance, and the Freshman of the Year at The University of Kentucky. He then went on to become the first African American faculty member in the history of the Syracuse University Department of Finance.
A resource directory of college information that can be found on the Internet.
Gives practical advice on packing, settling in, living with a roommate, managing money, using campus support services, organizing one's time, and handling emotional ups and downs
Unique, simple approach to the complicated college prep process, from the leading authority in college admissions. Getting ready for college is a complicated and confusing process - how do you know when to take the SAT? When do you start applying to schools? What classes should you be taking to help prepare you for college-level work? Is there anything you should do before high school? Fiske Countdown to College is a comprehensive collection of simple, easy-to-use checklists that explain everything you need to do in each year of high school to make preparation for college a breeze. There are 28 "to-do" lists for parents and students, ten "don't" lists, three "top 10" lists, and two glossaries, divided by year, that walk you through high school to college. Quotes from students, parents, and counselors offer advice and support from people who've been through all of this before.
Describes how computer animation has developed, its uses in various fields, and some related careers.

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