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Helen tells her story in a down-to-earth way - from playing cricket for the ladies' university team, to her return to Britain after five months as a hostage in rebel terrorist hands.
The ancient culture lives in the mountains of Sierra Leone, and it bears the footprints of a long colonial history. Also the country has suffered grievously from the world's lust for diamonds. Diamonds that should have made the land prosperous, created chaos instead. Here to we find other landscapes of body, mind, and spirit. The mountain to be conquered in this story richly blends two elements. First, the Masanga Leprosarium/Hospital and its international, entreprenurial staff contributed much toward the control of leprosy and its rehabilitation. A major medical breakthrough of the 20th century, Second, the institution provided unusual educational and spiritual opportunities for the your people who came there to work and to learn. David Turay, MD, has become an exemplar of these bright, diligent youth who have expanded their careers into may professions. Having already scaled several peaks, Dr. Ruray still pursues his lifetime commitment to professional and spiritual mountaineering. He does so with humility and grace.
Gathers twenty of Franklin's best sermons, traces his life and career, and discusses his place in the Black American sermon tradition
Give Me This Mountain teaches you how to overcome impossibility thinking, defeating the grasshopper, giant, and mountain barrier mentality. In this book, you will discover kingdom secrets to standing firm on God's unfailing promises. Fighting the battle, gaining victory, and possessing your possessions.

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