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Glass Kiln Casting from Wardell Publications fused art glass presents artist and instructor Jayne Persico, a quintessential guide to kiln casting with project instructions featuring glass frit, sheet glass and re useable casting molds. Jayne Persico brings her fresh and timeless style to the art of Glass Kiln Casting. This inspirational yet thoroughly practical guide presents lush photographs of beautifully finished pieces that will capture the imagination. The clear and simple instructions will enable fusers of any skill level to achieve amazing 3 dimensional creations. Glass Kiln Casting is an 80 page book offering more than 260 color photographs in 12 chapters that will inspire dozens of exceptional projects. The opening chapter features invaluable information covering frit casting molds, tools, equipment and kilns, plus an in depth yet simple approach to working with digital kiln controllers. This book is sure to become a studio favorite that fusers of all levels will refer to time and again. Jayne will take you by the hand and her writing style guides crafters through the frit casting process. She will show you how to make frit cast jewelry, plates and bowls with amazing results that will impress everyone who views your creations.
Kiln-forming as a technique to shape glass was in use for centuries before the Romans developed glassblowing, which has since become the more widely used method. Today, modern glass artists are rediscovering the versatility of kiln forming and are using the technique to produce works of great beauty and strength. In this book, Keith Cummings reviews the history of kiln forming and discusses pertinent materials and methods, such as slumping and fusing. The work of an international group of artists is used to illustrate the text.
Here's the first and only full-color book on the subject of "warm," or kiln-fired, glass in print. It provides a comprehensive look at one of the most popular skills for those working in the studio. With lavish illustrations, and all the processes involved in kiln-firing explained, the versatility of the dazzling technique of warm glass comes into clear focus. From fusing and slumping to casting and p√Ęte de verre, everything is covered--complete with a corresponding graph on the firing cycle and information on the various types of glass, their compatibility, and their behaviors during firing. Invaluable tips tell how to avoid unexpected and unwanted effects, and also how to create a range of different results and finishes. Close-up pictures show each step in the process being carried out, and breathtaking photos display an inspirational gallery of finished works that are richly colored and gracefully shaped. A brief historical overview of glassmaking provides useful background.
A world survey of artists practising the techniques of kiln-formed glass making.
Jayne Persico transports you into a world filled with 'Illuminated Art Glass' through her mastery of colour, light and high style. This book reveals her ingenious lamp-making process using all colour photographs, detailed instructions and helpful design tips. You will discover an impressive array of glass kiln techniques from frit casting to tack-fuse assembly to ultra-managed slumping. The book features over 160 colour photographs enabling readers to examine these specialised techniques in depth and experience an expert's point of view and approach. Step-by-step instructions will guide the reader through 14 unique projects. This book includes details on casting moulds, tools, equipment, kilns, and a comprehensive look at digital controller programming. Glass trend-setters and style-makers from all walks are sure to find this book inspiring and enlightening.
This book features more than 75 examples of glass, one of the oldest and most traditional of materials, in its many applications. These range from traditional examples to the new processes created by Ozone and Fusion Glass, which enable architectural glass to be both customized and texturized. Murano Glass is also featured, with its 1000 year old millefiori method updated to appeal to contemporary tastes. Scientific uses of the materials are also explored, including glass in fibre-optic lights and a new dermatological cream that contains millions of particles. Glass is seen in all it's applications-- including architecture, furniture, lighting, and domestic products-- as well as in all its forms-- mosaic, sandblasted, etched, colored, texturized, and moulded. Rotovision's "Materials for Inspirational Design" series explores the myriad possibilities of materials for today's designer. Each book in the series introduces the properties of a material and demonstrates some of its extraordinary possibilities.

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