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Action In The Big Woods, British Columbia To California.
In this first-ever book of its kind for Montana, historian Darris Flanagan has compiled, in text and photograph, a detailed look at the early "glory days" of logging in Montana. From an historical overview to detailed looks at the major components of the state's logging history -- lumberjacks, river drives, tie hacks, horse logging, donkey engines, railroads, trucks, crosscut saws and chainsaws, as well as a lively chapter about the Wobblies and the Strike of 1917 -- he literally provides the reader with a close-up and personal view of this major industry and the rugged men who strode through its colorful history.
Winner of the Western Writers of America’s Medicine Pipe Bearer’s Award Tall, vain, elegant, the Crow were perhaps the most handsome of the Plains tribes. They were superb horsemen and fierce mystic warriors, implacable enemies, unshakable friends. A French-Canadian trapper, Renee DeGeer was a loner before he came to the Crow. He became one of them when he married the beautiful Tall Willow, only daughter of the principal chief, and started their magnificent family. But all too soon they and the whole Whistling Water clan found themselves in a fight to the death with other tribes competing for dwindling land and facing a white culture that threatened to overwhelm them like a river in flood. Now, as surely as the sun must set, the glory days of noble warriors and roaming hunters were coming to an end. THE GLORY DAYS OF BUFFALO EGBERT A magnificent novel that brings to life the moving story of the Crow nation “A must read. If you haven’t yet read it, get it. It’s a fine reading experience.” —Allan W. Eckert, author of That Dark and Bloody River
Grays Harbor reigned supreme as the "Logging Capital of the World" for 150 years. Homesteaders became loggers and hired local Indians, who had logged the area's massive trees since ancient times. Sailors, too, were hired to rig spar trees. They fearlessly plied lumber schooners across destructive waters and carried timber products to the East Coast, South America, and other foreign ports. Over time, power saws replaced crosscut saws, and logging methods evolved. Today, loggers in Grays Harbor have begun a new phase of producing timber products that is built on a heritage of strong families, good citizens, and hard work.

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