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The mythical Venus helps a nerdy woman find her own inner goddess in this novel in #1 New York Times bestselling author P. C. Cast's Goddess Summoning series... Pea Chamberlain needs a makeover—shoes, hair, clothes, make-up, everything—especially if she wants to attract sexy fireman Griffin DeAngelo at the fireman’s masked ball. And there's no one better suited to coax Pea out of her pod than the Goddess of Love, whom she invokes in a moment of desperation. After eons of helping others find love, Venus has no problem working her magic on Pea. But when the goddess herself starts falling head over heels for Griffin, it will take an act of divine intervention to set this love triangle to rights... From the Trade Paperback edition.
Art In India Is Never Removed From Life, Intimately Tied As It Is To Religion, Aesthetics And Utility. A Walk Into A Temple Or A Place Of Worship Becomes An Experience At Many Levels, Tactile, Olfactory, Sensory And Visual, Spiritual And Religious. Taking
The Goddess of Love and the Angel of Death revolves around a nude female nightclub stripper, Selina, and a nude male art model, Owen. Conceived of as a modernized "Adam and Eve," gender-reversing Owen tempts Selina with a piece of plastic sculpture. A generation later, their daughter, Lisa, who had been adopted as a baby, learns of them from a psychology professor who had met them while researching pornography in which they peripherally participated. As the story unfolds, Lisa learns that her biological parents were also talented artists. The story itself is a love story of a young black woman, Selina, and an older white man, Owen. If their art and love may be the "good" of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, neo-Nazi racism and drug gang-banging may be the "evil." The underlying theme is a triumph of art and life over pornography. The story's complex ending may bring sorrow and meaning while gladdening the heart.
Older YA/new adult/sweet romance: College sophomore Hannah Maquiling doesn't know why everyone tells her their love problems. She's never even had a boyfriend, but that doesn't stop people from spilling their guts to her, and asking for advice. So maybe it shouldn't be a surprise when the cutest guy in school tells her that she's going to have to take on this responsibility -- but for all humanity. The Goddess of Love has gone AWOL. It's a problem, because her job is to keep in check this world's obsession with love (and lack of it). The God of the Sun, for now an impossibly handsome senior at an exclusive college just outside of Metro Manila, thinks Hannah has what it takes to (temporarily) do the job. While she's learning to do this goddess thing, she practices on the love troubles of shy Kathy, who's got a secret admirer on campus. Hannah's mission, should she choose to accept it, is to make sure that he's not a creepy stalker and they find their happily ever after -- or at least something that'll last until next semester. (As if she could refuse! The Sun God asked so nicely. And he's so, well, hot.)
Introduces the Greek goddess Aphrodite and explains her importance; features well-known Greek myths about this goddess; and includes a map of ancient Greece and a family tree of the principal Greek gods. Additional features to aid comprehension include a table of contents, informative sidebars, a list of Greek characters introduced in the text, a list of equivalent Roman gods and goddesses, sources for further research including websites, an index, and an introduction to the author and illustrator.
This uniquely accessible volume on systematic theology is written for the average Christian and traces the theme of God’s love through all the major doctrines of the Bible.

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