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On the 350th anniversary of his death, Oliver Cromwell continues to bestride the stage of Irish history like a colossus.
Many people today think of Satan as a little red demon with a pointy tail and a pitchfork—but this vision of the devil developed over many centuries and would be foreign to the writers of the Old Testament, where this figure makes his first appearances. The earliest texts that mention the Satan—it is always “the Satan” in the Old Testament—portray him as an agent of Yahweh, serving as an executioner of evildoers. But over the course of time, the Satan came to be regarded more as God’s enemy than God’s agent and was blamed for a host of problems. Biblical scholar Ryan E. Stokes explains the development of the Satan tradition in the Hebrew scriptures and the writings of early Judaism, describing the interpretive and creative processes that transformed an agent of Yahweh into the archenemy of good. He explores how the idea of a heavenly Satan figure factored into the problem of evil and received the blame for all that is wrong in the world.
A cold blooded killer.A man running from his past.Will justice be served? Michael Falau is holding himself together the only way he knows how. Running from his past and his memories, Michael Falau is going job to job for the The System hashing out justice. In southern California Micky Larson has a hatred for the media that has lead him to a lifetime of serial killing reporters. After containing his passions for a few years the killing has started again. There is just one man that can be called on to stop the killing and deliver justice, Michael Falau. God's Executioneris the seventh book in The Falau Files series of action thrillers by #1 Amazon Best Selling Author Mike Gomes. If you enjoy an antihero that comes with a whit that is as deadly as his skills, then you'll love Mike Gomes' gritty quest for justice. Download God's Executioner today and see how bad a good guy can be. What readers say: "Move over Jack Reacher this is the new hero for America." "great plot, memorable characters, fun cover to cover." "God's Executioner is a great action read." "Mike Gomes kills it again. His series with Falau is Grit Lit at it's finest." "Highly recommend." Hit download today and journey deep into the world of underworld justice withGod's Executioner.
Analysing the make-up and workings of the Royalist party in Scotland and Ireland during the civil wars of the mid-seventeenth century, Royalists at War is the first major study to explore who Royalists were in these two countries and why they gave their support to the Stuart kings. It compares and contrasts the actions, motivations and situations of key Scottish and Irish Royalists, paying particular attention to concepts such as honour, allegiance and loyalty, as well as practical considerations such as military capability, levels of debt, religious tensions, and political geography. It also shows how and why allegiances changed over time and how this impacted on the royal war effort. Alongside this is an investigation into why the Royalist cause failed in Scotland and Ireland and the implications this had for crown strategy within a wider British context. It also examines the extent to which Royalism in Scotland and Ireland differed from their English counterpart, which in turn allows an assessment to be made as to what constituted core elements of British and Irish Royalism.

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