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Presents a reference for owners of aging dogs that shares comprehensive recommendations for providing the best possible care, offering information on nutrition, cognitive decline, and coping with loss.
A first-rate collection of words to more than 1,000 songs, loosely categorised as folk songs...grouped by general themes and indexed by title. Lyrics and guitar chords.
A well written collection of stories on living with and rescuing dogs. Heartfelt on every page, A Perfectly Good Dog is an emotional roller coaster. You'll weep with joy and sorrow, and feel as though you were right there, living the experiences, the humor and the insights. A must read for all dog lovers.
If you're ready to cry, laugh, then do it all over again, this is the book for you. Marshall Coates was never good at being a father. His daughter could attest to that. But when her husband suddenly dies, leaving her as emotionally devastated as Marshall was at her mother's passing years before, he comes immediately. There's just one problem: he doesn't know what to do with her son, his grandson, eleven-year-old March. The tug-of-war begins for this novice grandpa when March decides to play cupid and teach grumpy old grandpa to be chivalrous, and Annie, baker of heavenly pies, tries to coach Marshall on how to bond with an eleven-year-old boy. Marshall's heart might not be able to swell large enough for all this love. Can his loved ones teach the old dog a new trick? '...a lovely sensitive book for readers from teens to seniors.' —Rex McGee, Screenwriter,Pure CountryandWhere There's a Will
A charming, delightfully photographed tribute to the older dog, with essays and poetry. Gandhi once said, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way that its animals are treated." How people regard older animals is especially revealing. Beautiful Old Dogs is a heartfelt, emotional, passionate tribute to old dogs. It will inspire many readers to get involved in senior dog rescue and adoption, as it honors our senior best friends and explores their current state of care and custody in an informative appendix. This book features the exquisite photography of the late Garry Gross, a noted fashion photographer during the 60s, 70s and 80s who, after becoming a highly successful dog trainer in New York City, turned his camera lens towards dogs. Gross, along with Victoria Stilwell from Animal Planet's It's Me or the Dog, founded Dog Trainers of New York in 2002, and became devoted to highlighting the plight and value of senior dogs. "The older the better," Gross said. "Dogs with soul in their eyes."David Tabatsky has collected Gross's photographs here, and carefully curated an accompanying selection of moving, insightful, funny, and uplifting essays and short pieces by a range of writers, with contributions from Anna Quindlen, Ally Sheedy, Christopher Durang, Doris Day, Dean Koontz, Marlo Thomas, and many more.

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