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‘There came to me also a most famous feminine sea called Granny Imallye ... with three galleys and two hundred fighting men ... She brought with her her husband for she was as well by sea as by land well more than Mrs Mate with him. This was a notorious woman in all the coasts of Ireland ...’ Sir Henry Sidney, Lord Deputy of Ireland, 1576
Grace O'Malley was a sea captain and clan leader, pirate and politico, business woman and warrior, as well as a dutiful daughter, wife, and mother. Though shaped by her times, she shattered the mold for women of her day. She would be a formidable figure in any era, including our own. Part of the sea-faring O'Malley clan, she inherited a deep love of the oceans and dominated trade on the Irish coast. On land, she personally led her clansmen in battle, waging relentless war on rival leaders throughout the Emerald Isle. Even powerful English officials were threatened by her influence. They saw her as "nurse to all rebellions." When she went to meet the Queen of England, the two women dealt as proud equals who had maneuvered their way through 16th century war and politics with skill and aplomb.
The story of Grace O'Malley, Ireland's pirate queen, is told in storybook format so that the youngest of readers can be inspired by her heroic personality. Written in the rhythm and rhyme of an Irish ballad, the story of this Chieftain, pirate, and warrior is sure to inspire. This is a great resource for Women's and Irish history lessons.
Traces the life of the fiery, sixteenth-century trader, seafarer, and politician, and describes some of her many adventures.
A fictionized biography by Robert Machray.
This book profiles a woman who challenges our predisposed sense of convention, who, over four hundred years ago, was one of the first women to break the mold and make a unique contribution to history.
This is the story of the legendary Irish Pirate Queen, Grace O'Malley and her struggle to protect her family, her livelihood and the country that she loved. During the Tudor times in Ireland, starting with King Henry VIII of England and finishing with Elizabeth I. As the tudor conquest of Ireland tried to rule the Gaelic Lords. Grace was building her army on land and especially on the sea to protect everyone and everything she cared for.

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