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Build a dynamic work culture that inspires employees and promotes organizational growth Evidence shows culture drives fiscal performance. It’s no secret that a toxic work culture can drive away employees and drive down profits. Creating a dynamic work culture that promotes both employee and business growth is key to ensuring an organization’s success. However, culture is a moving target and hard to get right. In Great Mondays, brand strategist Josh Levine introduces a proven formula for building and managing a workplace culture that maximizes employee engagement, performance, and retention for long-term business success. Written in a punchy, outcomes-driven style, Great Mondays reveals the six components for driving culture change in any type of organization: •Purpose: the motivating force—the North Star of an organization that both inspires and guides•Values: the powerful culture guardrails that establish behavioral expectations of employees and leaders•Behaviors: the culturally-aligned symptoms and actions of a work culture•Recognition: the ways in which organizations can more effectively reward employees•Rituals: the regular activities that create and strengthen relationships between individuals •Cues: the physical and behavioral reminders designed to reconnect everyone to the organization’s purpose and goals for the future With real-life case studies drawn from Silicon Valley heavy hitters, prominent nonprofits, major corporations, and respected universities, leaders of all levels will find expert guidance and proven strategies they can put to use to create a dynamic culture where employees thrive and business grows.
Are you stuck in a dead end job? Feeling like your career is out of control? Or are you you just entering the workplace and wondering what it takes to get ahead and really succeed in today’s complex job market? Most of us manage to get out the door and show up ready to work day after day, and we somehow just get by. Well, that is not good enough! This is your life we are talking about. You owe it to yourself to do more than simply survive Corporate America. You deserve to be a tremendous success at your job. You deserve to be significantly rewarded for your effort. Most important, you deserve to get the recognition you have earned. This book will tell you what you can do, both right now, and in the long-term to take your career to the next level. This book will inspire you to re-think how you relate to your coworkers and bosses. It will help you realize the power you have to be successful at work and truly happy at your job.
Finally, there is a practical, operationally-oriented book on building a great company culture. Kristin Robertson introduces a culture model the encompasses all aspects of running a company, declaring that culture is a result of everything you do in your organization. Your Company Culture Ecosystem, Robertson's model, mandates that company culture is more than just foosball tables, bean bag chairs and free massages. To grow a vibrant company culture, embed your core values into every operational practice and hold leaders accountable for modeling the values.
The primary vision for UNDERSTANDING MANAGEMENT, 5th edition is to provide students with an engaging survey of modern management practice, while providing ample opportunity for enrichment and skill development. UNDERSTANDING MANAGEMENT is unparalleled in
Now you can offer your students a structured, applied approach to behavioral finance with the first academic text of its kind--Ackert/Deaves' BEHAVIORAL FINANCE: PSYCHOLOGY, DECISION MAKING, AND MARKETS. This comprehensive text--ideal for your behavioral finance elective-- links finance theory and practice to human behavior. The book begins by building upon the established, conventional principles of finance that students have already learned in their principles course. The authors then move into psychological principles of behavioral finance, including heuristics and biases, overconfidence, emotion and social forces. Students learn how human behavior influences the decisions of individual investors and professional finance practitioners, managers, and markets. Your students gain a strong understanding of how social forces impact people's choices. The book clearly explains what behavioral finance indicates about observed market outcomes as well as how psychological biases potentially impact the behavior of managers. Students learn the implications of behavioral finance on retirement, pensions, education, debiasing, and client management. This book is unique as it spends a significant amount of time examining how behavioral finance can be used effectively by practitioners today. The book's solid academic approach provides opportunities for students to utilize theory and complete applications in every chapter. A wide variety of end-of-chapter exercises, discussion questions, simulations and experiments reinforce the book's applied approach, while useful instructor supplements ensure you have the resources to clearly present theories of behavioral finance and their applications. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
Draft Corporate Manslaughter Bill : First joint report of session 2005-06, Vol. 3: Oral and additional written Evidence

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