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More art, music and literature have been devoted to Mary than to any other woman in history, and millions of believers make hard pilgrimages to visit her shrines every day. But why do Catholics pray to Mary in times of sorrow or need? And how does she help them develop a closer relationship to Christ? In Grieving with Mary, author Mary K. Doyle finds comfort and healing in devotion to the Blessed Virgin. Doyle walks readers through the illustrious history of the many ways Catholics have of approaching Mary, and encourages readers to use one or more of the following to nurture their own personal relationship with the Mother of God: [[Hymns and prayers [[Devotional art [[Shrines [[Rosary beads [[Labyrinths [[Feasts and processions When Catholics pray to Mary (or any other saint), they ask for her intercession. In prose that is clear and precise, Doyle makes clear that adoration of Mary does not replace worshipping God, but rather draws believers closer to God. Ultimately, devo
An expose’ of the heretical teachings of the Roman Catholic Church shows how the truths of the Bible and historical reality directly contradict key structures of this religious system. Designed for use as a Bible study, or to share with friends who want to understand Catholicism, or Catholics who have doubts about what they have been taught.
Your loss and brokenness could turn into a doorway of discovering how much the sovereign God cares about you. That’s exactly what Mary experienced in grief when her youngest son died as a result of injuries from a car accident. The tragedy led her to review God’s actions in her life in prior experiences, which enabled her to trust in His demonstration of lovingkindness in the grief the family and community experienced. God is the divine Puzzle Maker, putting the pieces of our lives in place, one by one. He is a sovereign God who has the power to plan our lives for His glorious purpose. As we look for evidences of His care and tenderness in very difficult experiences of life as well in the good times, we are drawn in a close love relationship to this awesome God. Grief and loss can be an opportunity to draw us nearer to God. Glorious Puzzle is the account of Mary learning to trust and love God deeply through her experiences of infertility, miscarriage, adoption of a special needs child, career changes, the mental illness and incarceration of her oldest son and the death of her youngest son. Her account challenges us to open our eyes to see God’s hand at work in our hard times and then give Him the honor and praise. It is a story of putting Proverbs 3:5 & 6 into action in everyday life and in times of trial. As God is acknowledged, He frees us to experience joy, draw near to Him, and feel His awesome love for us, and we can respond in grateful service. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.” (ESV)
Religious poetry has often been regarded as minor poetry and dismissed in large part because poetry is taken to require direct experience; whereas religious poetry is taken to be based on faith, that is, on second or third hand experience. The best methods of thinking about "experience" are given to us by phenomenology. Poetry and Revelation is the first study of religious poetry through a phenomenological lens, one that works with the distinction between manifestation (in which everything is made manifest) and revelation (in which the mystery is re-veiled as well as revealed). Providing a phenomenological investigation of a wide range of "religious poems†?, some medieval, some modern; some written in English, others written in European languages; some from America, some from Britain, and some from Australia, Kevin Hart provides a unique new way of thinking about religious poetry and the nature of revelation itself.
With contributions from over 100 scholars, the Encyclopedia of American Poetry: The Nineteenth Centry provides essays on the careers, works, and backgrounds of more than 100 nineteenth-century poets. It also provides entries on specialized categories of twentieth-century verse such as hymns, folk ballads, spirituals, Civil War songs, and Native American poetry. Besides presenting essential factual information, each entry amounts to an in-depth critical essay, and includes a bibliography that directs readers to other works by and about a particular poet.

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