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"How do I get my book discovered?" It's a question every writer asks, whether it's their tenth book, or if the book still needs to be published. From indie authors Mandi Lynn and Bethany Atazadeh, book two in the Marketing for Authors series is dedicated to teaching you the many things you can do to start or grow your author platform.
A great book is no longer enough. Author platform is the most powerful key to success in today’s saturated market, and increasingly, publishers are demanding that new authors come to them with an existing audience of interested followers. An author platform is essential to making each book a success, and even more, becomes the power source for building bigger audiences for future books. Social media makes building the author platform easier than ever, but, unfortunately, most authors struggle to get it right. How can authors create their unique platform, connect with followers, write a manuscript, and grow their business? The answers and success strategies are all here in 14 steps. In Creating Your Author Platform: The New Rules, top literary agent Carole Jelen and tech expert Michael McCallister apply their combined 35 years of expertise to outline 14 practical, hands-on steps to create a presence that will produce high book sales and expanded audience. From pre-publication through book launch and beyond, authors will learn how to: • Define goals and a unique brand • Use successful website strategies, content, social presence, media authority, and training • Secure positive reviews • Attract viewers efficiently without cost • Announce books that lead to increased sales Creating Your Author Platform: The New Rules shows how to showcase your expertise, create book presence, and build an audience eager to buy. Filled with detailed lessons, examples, success stories, and advice from marketing departments at major publishers, Creating Your Author Platform: The New Rules is an indispensable guide for anyone looking for insight into publishing, promoting, and marketing books.
Building an Author Platform from the ground up as a writer can seem daunting, especially if marketing is not your jam. Authors are now expected to do more and more work to promote their own books as publishers are not interested in invisible authors. It's imperative that writers take control of their marketing, and build their author platform online. The social media landscape has altered the way writers, readers, and publishers connect. The process of going from unknown to influencer is now more achievable than ever. Achieving social proof, brand recognition, and association with the right people will set you up for success. This book will take you through an accelerated author brand development process. The strategies shared will walk you through the process to create a powerful personal brand. You will discover how designing a personal brand and identity is tied to your strengths and your unique writing style.It's now more important than ever that as a writer, you use the right strategies and proper research before you start writing your book. Uncover how writers are harnessing the power of the Internet, and their own creativity, to build a successful author career. There are mistakes that authors should avoid doing on the Internet that negatively affects their reach. Social media makes building an author platform easier than ever, but many authors struggle to get it right.With proven strategies, easy-to-replicate formulas, and practical tips; this book makes it easier, less expensive, and more possible than ever to stand out from the crowd. The tips apply no matter if your goal is to become a full time author or speaker, launch a business or grow a ministry.In this informative guide you will walk through the process of building an author platform without the overwhelm. Even if you are technologically challenged, this book will guide you with easy-to-follow actionable steps. It shares how to navigate the changing world of book publishing and how you can get your book to market faster through self publishing.We cover up-to-date best practices using new media like Facebook, Amazon etc.
Many writers now realise that they can self-publish, but few understand that to be successful they also need to self-market! The most effective way to market yourself as a writer is by creating a writer’s platform - website, blog, social media presence and a mailing list. But how do you do that? In “How to Build Your Writer's Platform”, Geoff Hughes walks the beginner through basic internet marketing techniques, to help a self-publishing writer build their brand, grow their audience and sell more books. The book steps you through building a simple platform using free marketing tools already available on the internet. Geoff Hughes is a writer, web designer and internet marketing professional who has worked on marketing campaigns for large business clients in Australia and South East Asia. Published by Madhouse Media Publishing.
Rock Your Book 10 Ways to Market Your Book Like A Rock Star! By Best Selling Author L� Tanyha Boyd An author platform is the thing you have to stand on to get heard and to be seen. It's your stage! Unlike a stage at a concert hall, today's platform is built of people, contacts, connections, followers, influencers and supporters. As an author, it's important to invest time and energy into building your platform: establish relationships, and gain potential readers.*Learn How To Build Your Online Author Platform*Monetize Social Media Engagement * How to gain followers * Create Buzz with Valuable Content * The 3 C's to Rock Your Author Platform * Build Your Author Brand*Create Book Buzz*Rock Your Book on Amazon Bonus #1 Rock Your Book Radio Interviews Bonus #2: Rock Your Book On Amazon
Creating a platform isn't just beneficial--it's essential! In today's world of blogging, websites, Twitter feeds, and Facebook updates, building a writer platform from the ground up can seem a daunting task. Never fear--author and editor Chuck Sambuchino provides expert, practical advice for increasing your visibility, selling more books, and launching a successful career. In Create Your Writer Platform, you'll learn: • The definition of a platform--and why you should start building one now. • How to harness the 12 Fundamental Principles of Platform. • "Old School" and "New School" approaches to platform, from article writing and conference speaking to website development, blog posts, and social media avenues. • How to develop a platform for nonfiction, fiction, and memoir. In addition to Chuck's invaluable insights, you'll also find 12 case studies from authors with effective platforms, as well as professional advice from literary agents. If you're serious about building a platform tailored to you and your writing--a platform that's going to help you succeed as a writer--look no further than Create Your Writer Platform.
What's Your Book? is an aspiring author’s go-to guide for getting from idea to publication. Brooke Warner is a publishing expert with thirteen years’ experience as an acquiring editor for major trade houses. In her book, she brings her unique understanding of book publishing (from the vantage point of coach, editor, and publisher) to each of the book's five chapters, which include understanding the art of becoming an author, getting over common hurdles, challenging counterproductive mindsets, building an author platform, and ultimately getting published. Brooke is known for her straightforward delivery, honest assessments, and compassionate touch with authors. What's Your Book? contains the inspiration and information every writer needs to publish their first or next book.
Writing a book is one of the most fulfilling things anyone can do. It's as important a milestone as getting married and having a child. In fact, it's just like having a child. You'll think about it, wait for it to develop over many months, watch it grow, nurture it, give it everything you've got, and then send it on its way - out to the public to live a life of its own. ...and it will be part of your legacy, something you'll leave to the world. But just like a child, after you have created it you need to help it grow before setting it in the world. Hello there, my name is Radu Balas. > Welcome to the definitive guide to helping writers make the most of their books. I will be teaching you how to: > Establish a brand > Build an audience > Easily create an author platform > How to make more money and sell more books using the internet
Do you want to write a book? Have you written a book, but aren’t sure what to do next? Would you like to sell your book to readers online––even while you sleep? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, this guidebook will unlock hot tip secrets, reveal common pitfalls, and lead you on your path to success. We live in unprecedented times with incredible opportunities for writers––anyone can write a book and post it for sale on the internet. Easy-peasy, right? It can be… with the right help. This book will guide you through the process of making your precious book baby available for sale to the world via the major online vendors. Once your book is published, the marketing fun begins. In this book, you’ll benefit from the author’s 5+ years of experience in this business, during which she has published over 25 books, hit the USA Today bestseller list multiple times, and made nearly every mistake imaginable. She openly shares exactly what to do (and what NOT to do) in order to thrive in the independent author business. Becoming an indie author is one of the most challenging, rewarding, demanding, life-changing, and fulfilling dreams imaginable. There will likely be mind-boggling highs and devastating lows. Let this book be there to help guide you, answer your questions, and build your confidence along the way. YOU CAN DO THIS. Your dream awaits… Download this book and jump-start your goal of becoming an indie author right now!
Sell Your First Book & Develop a Successful and Sustainable Writing Career Before you can land a book deal—before you can even attract the interest of agents and editors—you need to be visible. How do you become visible? You develop a platform, or a way of reaching your readers. Everybody can develop a platform, and this book shows you how to do it while you're still writing. This book offers: A step-by-step approach to creating, growing, and nurturing a platform An economical approach to self-promotion (no need to spend thousands) A clear way to uncover your strengths and weaknesses as an author The strategies that are essential (or not) to online promotion A philosophy of authorship that leaves you confident, empowered, and equally partnered with agents, editors, and publishers (instead of waiting to be discovered) A diverse set of tools and methods for getting known (not just web-based tools or ideas for extroverts) After you read this book, you'll be able to answer the inevitable question: "What's your platform?" You'll learn the hows and whys of becoming visible and how to cultivate visibility from scratch. Best of all, you won't need any previous knowledge or experience to get started. Growing a writing career isn't just about landing one book deal and then scrambling like crazy. There is a more strategic and steady way to lay the groundwork so you can avoid scrambling altogether—and Get Known Before the Book Deal is the only comprehensive book that shows you how.
"Jeff Bennington has an understanding of the e-book business that truly impresses me. I've taken his advice and it has made a huge difference in my career as an author. I highly recommend this book." Al Boudreau, author of In Memory of Greed "The Indies Author's Guide has made a huge impact on my sales. I've only just started incorporating what I've learned and in three days have tripled my sales." Robbi Bryant, author of The Beautiful Evil "If you are preparing to self-publish, and even if you've already done so, you need this book! Finally, a guide that covers it all... every aspect of book creation from humble beginning to publishing success! This guide is my "go to" writer's bible! High praise to Jeff Bennington for creating a writer's gold mine of information and advice." Deborah Hughes, author of Be Still, My Love ABOUT THE INDIE AUTHOR'S GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE: From the Author of Reunion, a #1 Amazon best-selling ghost story. Listed with Goodreads Breakout Authors of 2011 The Indie Author's Guide to the Universe is meant to help any author, whether they are traditionally published or self-published, to take one step further in their journey. This book is designed to encourage and inspire authors in their craft, and give creative ideas that can improve sales and grow your author platform. If you bought a book about self-publishing 6 months ago, it is ancient history. The Guide Includes Helpful Information Like: Encouraging Stories How to Build a Blog Tour Your Role as Marketer Marketing Strategies Your Role as Publisher Author Blogging The Ultimate Book Promotion Understanding "Floatation Pricing" How to Build an Author Platform Selling and Price-point Strategies Strategies for Navigating Amazon's KDP Select Program Understanding the Indie Author Movement Helpful links Tips From Best-selling Indie Authors Like Scott Nicholson, Bob Mayer, Joanna Penn, Blake Crouch, Robert Bidinotto, Richard Bard, Amber Scott, Melissa Foster, Saffina Desforges and many more! ADDITIONAL PRAISE FOR THE INDIE AUTHOR'S GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE: "If I only had one resource to effectively promote, market, and sell my novels, it would be the Indie Author's Guide. It is definitely the roadmap to success with each step of the way carefully marked and easy for anyone to follow." Caleb Pirtle III, author and publisher from Venture Galleries WHO IN THE WORLD IS JEFF BENNINGTON Jeff is the Author of Reunion, Twisted Vengeance, and Creepy: A collection of scary stories. He Blogs at The Writing Bomb and is the founder of The Kindle Book Review. Jeff is also an author consultant and has helped other writers hit the Amazon Top 100. You can follow Jeff on Twitter @TweetTheBook, and Facebook. Check out his Author Services Page at The Writing Bomb and The Kindle Book Review.
Have a great story but don't know how to get it out? Learn How to Become a Published Author in 30 Days or Less. From Research to Publishing, We'll Walk You Through the Steps Publishing a eBook can grow your business in exciting, new ways. Some marketers and digital business owners use eBooks to grow their platforms and develop a fan base. You can publish eBooks to create an additional source of passive income in your business, too. You can use eBooks to boost your credibility, making it easy for you to become a sought-after speaker or well-paid consultant. You might think that writing and publishing an eBook is a difficult process but it’s not. In fact, the journey to becoming a published author can be fun and enjoyable if you know what to do Does this inspire you to publish your fiction, non-fiction, self-help or whatever genre through the Publishing Platform? If not, then it should. It has changed the way writers are getting noticed and successful. No longer do you need to publish your work through a traditional publishing house or get an agent. With electronic publishing, millions of readers can see what you’ve written quickly. Of course, there are other reasons that a newbie writer should consider writing and publishing e-books. What reasons? You can target your readers, and it’s so convenient to publish your writing electronically. With today publishing technology , it allows you to publish your work quickly and effortlessly. You know that readers will have the opportunity to see what’s recently been uploaded to the online publishing platform – no more is there waiting on an agent or publishing firm to give you publicity. You can generate your own publicity campaign Today’s generation of readers can use the e-readers app read anything they want. No matter which age group your book is created for, the newer ebook format ensures that anyone can access the read the book.. Here's what you'll learn from this ebook How to identify your book goals and what topics are in demand How to outline your content Where to look for inspiration 7 methods for getting your draft written quickly The three stages of editing & which tools you can use to help with this Where to find beta readers The exact steps you need to take to publish your new book
The 2018 updated version of the best selling solution to grow your confidence, assertiveness & self-esteem. Over 15 years of research lead to Michelle Gates writing the original book in 2008 which has now been fully updated with the latest methods for 2018. Cutting through the nonsense, this book offers a simple and easy to understand solution to growing your confidence, assertiveness and self esteem. No fancy gimmicks, just solid and actionable advice. Some of the topics covered in this book include: - Quickly & Easily Overcome Fear About Social Situations - Always Know What To Say - Building Your Self-Esteem and Confidence - Effective Use Of Body Language and Reading Other People - Relating To Others With Ease and Confidence- How To Be Assertive In Any Situation and so much more! The 2018 updated version is available now on Kindle, Paperback and Audible.
Do you feel as if you're wasting your time on Twitter? Not a single book sold, despite all your efforts?Then Twitter for Authors is precisely what you need. It will do exactly what the title says: save you time, get you followers and grow your email list.You will learn:- how to systematically leverage Twitter to create a powerful author brand for yourself- how to attract and grow your following significantly - not with random people, but with future loyal fans- how to promote your book without being perceived as a spammer- how to use Twitter to grow your email listThe techniques taught in Twitter for Authors can all be executed in under 30 minutes a day, and will drive massive amounts of traffic to your books, blog and everywhere else where you have an online presence.Throughout the chapters you will find free tutorial videos that show you exactly, with easy, step-by-step guides, how to put a system in place that will deliver upon all the promises made.Why not put in 20% of the effort and gain 80% of the results?
A beginner’s guide to writing a novel, publishing as an independent ebook author and promoting your brand using social networks. With foreword by Jim Williams, author of ten internationally published novels including the Booker Prize nominated Scherzo. The New Author is an excellent piece of writing, combining deceptive simplicity, lucidity and charm: a trick which in practice is very difficult to pull off. The book is also informed by considerable intelligence and analysis founded on firsthand experience. Barnes explicitly warns against the trap that engagement at the required level can become obsessive and time consuming, and in a couple of nice vignettes he makes his point with wit and style. The New Author is a terrific companion for independent e-publishing and I recommend it. There are at least three reasons why you might want to buy this book: 1. you want to be an author; 2. you have already written a novel and want to publish it as an ebook; 3. you want to promote yourself as an author. This book is a beginner’s guide on how to do the above. It isn’t a magic elixir for foolproof million copy marketing of your ebook. It is based upon the experiences of this author and a broad-based peer group. I have to warn you right now, this is not going to be an easy journey. Less of a country stroll, more of a trek up Kilimanjaro. The good news is that almost anyone can trek up Kilimanjaro with the right support, appropriate equipment and a positive attitude. See you at the top. The New Author is a non-fiction work of 44,000 words. What this book does and does not contain The scope of this edition is deliberately limited to basic novel writing guidelines, first practical steps in building and operating a social media platform for authors, and the process of epublishing a novel on Amazon KDP and other market channels via Smashwords. A list of recommended further reading is provided that covers the subject matter, should readers wish to delve deeper into these areas. This edition of The New Author does not contain a method approach to novel writing, advice on publishing in print or a prescriptive ‘silver bullet’ approach to ebook marketing. The internet is a labyrinth of blogs, websites and web-based tools. User interfaces are constantly being improved, upgraded and changed. No screenshots have been included in this book in order to avoid early obsolescence and to keep the format and page display simple and readable. Hyperlinks to the internet have not been used for similar reasons and to avoid accidental use by the increasing number of ereaders with touch screens. Contents Introduction Foreword Part 1 - writing a novel - Have you got what it takes? - The time, space, support continuum - The Rules - Plot and premise - Planning and structure - Characters - Narrative Voice - Tense - Settings – the six senses - Pace & structure - Dialogue – people will talk - Theme - metaphor - Language and grammar - Editing - Writing peer groups - Beta readers - Vignette 1 - Peer review; the blind leading the blind? Part 2 - Promoting your brand using social networks - Brand - Nom de Plume? - Content - the nitty gritty of your social network platform - Website / blog style - Search Engine Optimisation SEO for your blog / website - Facebook - Twitter - Reader groups - Other social networks - Vignette 2 - Compulsive Communication Syndrome Part 3 - publishing an independent ebook - Getting your manuscript into shape for publishing - Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) - KDP reports - KDP Community - Amazon Author Central - Smashwords - AutoVetter - Premium status - Your pricing on the web - Your ebook’s reviews on the web And finally… - Self-publishing in print - Marketing an ebook - Vignette 3 - Under the influence - social networks Ruby’s Top Ten Tips for Ebook Publishing Recommended reading
During the last decade, platform businesses such as Uber, Airbnb, Amazon and eBay have been taking over the world. In almost every sector, traditional businesses are under attack from digital disrupters that are effectively harnessing the power of communities. But what exactly is a platform business and why is it different? In Platform Strategy, Laure Claire Reillier and Benoit Reillier provide a practical guide for students, digital entrepreneurs and executives to understand what platforms are, how they work and how you can build one successfully. Using their own "rocket model" and original case studies (including Google, Apple, Amazon), they explain how designing, igniting and scaling a platform business requires learning a whole new set of management rules. Platform Strategy also offers many fascinating insights into the future of platforms, their regulation and governance, as well as how they can be combined with other business models. Benoit Reillier and Laure Claire Reillier are co-founders of Launchworks, a leading advisory firm focused on helping organizations develop and scale innovative business models.
This is not just a workbook! Here is what is also included when you purchase 8 Steps: * 49+ Videos * 12+ Webinars/Podcasts * PDF Version also available * Downloadable Business Plan, Marketing Plan, and Strategic Plan * 8 Live Training Sessions (live & recorded)Learn from one of the Nation's Best Selling Authors and an actual Attorney and CPA on How to Start Your Business Today! Ever thought of starting your own small business- but thought it was too hard or had no idea where to start? Then this is the workbook for you! Listen to invaluable legal and tax advice given by Best Selling author and CPA/Attorney Mark Kohler, all which are geared toward helping you succeed in your dreams of being your own boss- and live well while doing so! No matter what your age, income, or current status in small business 'start-up' mode you will find material here to be truly invaluable and guaranteed to save you thousands in lawsuits, issues with the government or IRS and general heartache. Buy with confidence knowing we offer a 100% 30-day money back guarantee!
Since you are reading this text, you are probably interested in the development of your business. You've come to the right place, because my eBooks are professional tools for building a high market position. They were prepared on the basis of 22 years of experience in building business strategies and my young view on Social Selling. Thanks to them, using this knowledge in practice, you will increase your brand's recognition on the web, create an additional product or service distribution model, and increase the likelihood of selling your products on Instagram and your profits will increase. And that's what you want in your business, right? In this eBook you will learn: 1. Practical knowledge of building brands on Instagram; 2. Practical preparation for building a community around an Instagram account; 3. Differences between a regular and business Instagram account; 4. Practical knowledge of the basic principles prevailing on the Instagram portal 5. Practical knowledge of how to earn on Instagram; 6. Practical knowledge of using external brand building tools on Instagram; 7. A collection of external tools that are used to build a brand on Instagram; 8. Practical knowledge and tips on how to prepare your account on the Instagram portal; 10. Practical knowledge of how to use the secrets of the Instagram portal; 11. Practical knowledge of the content published on your profile and what it is and why it is important to have early activity under your posts; 12. Practical "CBCM" system that I use to build and earn from my Instagram account; 13. Practical strategies that I use to build a community around my Instagram business account; 14. Practical schemes that I use in Instagram Stories; 15. Advanced strategies that I use in my paid advertising on my Instagram business account. You should start marketing your operational activities in social media because every year more and more potential customers start buying on these platforms. Instagram has long ceased to be considered just a meeting place on the Internet, it has become a tool for selling products, targeting and acquiring thousands of customers from the young generation. Every business that is not present on social media loses thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. Currently, the Instagram platform in the world is used by over a billion active users and Instagram Stories are viewed daily by over 500 million people. People share their opinions, information, set up accounts on a specific topic, build huge communities, but also make purchases like any other online store. Buying through Instagram is becoming more and more popular, which is why companies, entrepreneurs and public figures adapt their marketing to the constantly changing world in fear of falling out of the market. Think about whether you and your business can afford to lose potential customers just because you don't build relationships with them through operational activities on the Instagram platform.
Filled with the latest information on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other key social-media sites, this all-purpose guide provides specific strategies and tactics that focus on building business. In addition to marketing and PR, this resource addresses recruiting, risk management, cost, and other key business issues. Marketing, sales, public relations, and customer-service professionals within any business will learn how to save time and develop a weekly checklist of social-media priorities, connect social-media sites together, attract the right job candidates, and help improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Keeping a close eye on return-on-investment, this clever resource promises to help market-savvy businesses outpace their competition.

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