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The Perfect Tarot for Dragon Lovers! Dig deeply into ancient Celtic lore as your magic and divinations bask in the fiery breath of The Celtic Dragon Tarot by D. J. Conway and Lisa Hunt. Using her deep knowledge of the ancient Celts and working with the ancient dragon energies, Conway has designed one of the most vivid and powerful Tarot decks ever. The art for this deck was created by fantasy illustrator Lisa Hunt. Her brilliant and surprisingly intense watercolor amplifies the meanings of the cards. Her different types of dragons are filled with passion and life that will bring chills to your spine as you look at each card. No words can really express the beauty of this deck. The amazing detail to attention on each card, from delicate scrollwork on clothes to the intensity of the expressions on the people and many different dragons will astound you. The included 216-page book explains the symbolism and meanings of each card. Included are four Tarot spreads to help make The Celtic Dragon Tarot a part of your daily life. Also featured are instructions on how to meditate with this deck, including three guided meditations. Numerous spells are given that use this deck and candles for healing, luck, protection, love, and more. You'll even learn how to develop your psychic abilities. This is the kit that has it all. A beautiful, well-conceived deck and a thorough book. Whether you are interested in the Tarot, the Celts, magic, or self-improvement, this kit is a must!
In this complete ritual text, readers find practical information for working with dragons: spells and rituals ranging from simple to advanced workings; calling and befriending dragons and utilizing their knowledge; designing ritual tools to aid them in using dragon energy; channeling power using the lines of dragon's breath; and using the true language of dragons in ritual and spell-casting with herbs, oils, stones, and candles.
Guided By Spirits is a Solitary Magician's guide to Magick. It teaches knowledge of the Spirit Realm and how to contact your very own Spirit Guides. The book is a beginners take on Magick, Spirituality, and Mystery Schools. This book will guide you through the basics of increasing your Dharma in this life and finding out about the Spirit Realm. A long Spiritual Journey lies ahead of you take the first step with this book.
If a black cat crosses your path, you will have good luck.—England If a black cat crosses your path, you will have bad luck.—America The Magick of Claw and Whisker Very few animals have evoked such extremes in emotions—from admiration to fear—as the feline family. Cats are mysterious, mystical creatures who can do anything from predicting earthquakes and volcanic eruptions to reacting to haunted buildings and following the movement of things you can't see. We are fascinated by cats and their behavior, their regal bearing, and their intelligence, yet we are unnerved by their inscrutable stare and savage natural instincts. In The Mysterious, Magickal Cat you will discover: The origins of cats, big and small Little-known details about cat anatomy and behavior How to read a cat's verbal and non-verbal communication The cat in ancient history and superstition Feline deities from around the world Sacred breeds and temple lore Felines in folklore, literature, and art Cat spells for healing animals or humans, finding a true love, attracting prosperity, seeking protection, building courage, and more Gain a complete look at this beguiling creature: from what it means when a cat flicks its tail to how you can use discarded whiskers for magickal spells. Explore the lore of cats big and small, and discover how other cultures have honored cats throughout the ages.
Dragon Meditations is a book of long guided meditations through the Spirit Realm. This book will teach you the art of meditation and reveal to you some of the mysteries that surround Dragons. In this book you will learn how to befriend a Dragon of your very own. You will learn the ways of the Dragon in all manners of art. From Psychic Growth to Philosophy to Astrology and Druidism. You will even meet a Dragon that teaches Magical Combat. You will learn how to Mind Meld with your Dragon and travel the Other Worldly land of Middle World. There are seven Groves for you to find during your meditations and each Grove will build upon the next giving you insights directly from the Elder Dragons. This book will awaken you to the next level of Spirituality. Dragon Meditations is a book for beginners and the advanced practitioner. This book takes Dragon Meditation further than any other Dragon Book. Just remember to breathe deeply while you enjoy the Sunset ride atop your very own Dragon!

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