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If you are thinking about training for a Half-Marathon, Jeff Galloway can help you prepare well, enjoy the training and grow from the achievement of crossing the finish line. This book is filled with tips on how to stay motivated and eliminate aches and pains and injuries.
Details Jeff Galloway's walk/run training methods including the new "magic mile" time trial, fat-burning techniques, and adjustments in the weekly schedule to prevent injuries and improve performance.
Jeff Galloway offers a state-of-the-art book on the highly popular half-marathon distance. He shows you how to select a realistic goal, and which workouts are needed to prepare for various performances. The book is loaded with tips on how to stay motivated, eliminate aches, pains and injuries with the minimum training needed to enjoy other spects of life.
Committed runners from all over the world have set new PRs with the Hansons training program--the same approach that has turned Hansons-Brooks Distance Project runners into champions. Now in Hansons Half-Marathon Method, the Hansons-Brooks team shares its unique, winning approach to the popular half-marathon distance. With training plans for intermediate and advanced racers, as well as a welcoming Just Finish Program for newer runners, Hansons Half-Marathon Method prepares all athletes for their best performance. Using this smart and science-based half-marathon training program, runners will power up with precisely paced workouts that develop speed, strength, and stamina. Runners will finish strong using the Hansons approach to marathon hydration, nutrition, and pacing. Hansons Half-Marathon Method lays out the most effective way to train for a half-marathon, developed by one of the most accomplished running groups in the nation. Using the Hansons way, runners can forge a breakthrough half-marathon performance.
"I don't have time to run." "The run will hurt or make me tired." "I don't have my running shoes with me." "I've got too much work to do." If you're always looking for any excuse to not go running, this book is for you! Whether you're an athlete or just want to stay fit and exercise, you need to train your mind just as much as you train your body! It's easy to find excuses and stay at home, but with Jeff Galloway's mental training strategies you will find yourself staying motivated and setting and reaching new goals in no time. Jeff will help you break down your challenges into smaller steps so your next goal seems more achievable. You will learn to overcome each challenge and problem and reduce stress. You will be able to go out for your run even on tough days, after an injury or illness, or when your running buddy isn't around. In the end, you will break through barriers and stay in control and at the top. In this book, you will find many useful tips on how to deal with stress. Jeff describes typical everyday situations and how to go out and run even if your brain is making up excuses; he explains drills to help you rehearse a good response to those excuses so that over time you will change your habits; he presents training tools that will lower your stress and help you learn to set realistic goals. In addition, Jeff posits that in order to stay motivated, it is important to have good running technique. A section on better technique will help you run better and achieve your next goal. Finally, Jeff shows how using a journal can benefit your exercise regime and assist you in keeping track of your progress and the highs and lows of your training schedules. Mental Training for Runners will put you on the path to a positive mental environment and will turn your mind, body, and spirit into a powerful team and tool. After reading and learning from this book, there will only ever be one answer to any challenge: "I can do it!"
Keep track of all your workouts as you train for your half marathon. This half marathon journal is an easy way to track your progress and make sure that you are on track to reach your goals. Pages Include: - Sample half marathon training schedule - Fillable half marathon training schedule - 12-week daily training logs - Reflections page
Do you feel like running a 13.1 mile half marathon is out of the question? You don't have time? Your too sore? Bad Weather? Bored? Scratch all of the negativity out and just keep going! This book can help you reach your goal of running that half marathon. And then who knows full marathon. Now that's crazy talk! Or is it. To get there start with this easy to follow 12-Week Training Schedule. Order your's today. It changes up the schedule from week to week to get you prepered for the big race day. Included inside sections: 12-Week calendar to record your progress Daily log includes: Date (Undated) Days Till Race Distance Speed Other Route Weather Conditions Time Start and End Total Time Total Distance Avg. Pace Notes/Thoughts Reflections

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