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Follows the adventures of three Disney princesses after their storybook endings, as Cinderella prepares for her wedding, the Seven Dwarfs help Snow White celebrate her first anniversary, and Sleeping Beauty reflects on how her life has changed since she met her prince.
Everyone loves a great love story and a happy ending! Readers will delight in these heartwarming, personal stories of dating and courtship, romance, love, and marriage. Everyone loves to read true stories about how it happened for other people. This book includes the 101 best stories on love and marriage that appeared in a wide variety of past Chicken Soup for the Soul books. These heartwarming stories will inspire and amuse readers, whether they are just starting to date, are newly wed, or are veterans of a long marriage.
Offers advice on how to assess retirement needs, take advantage of new opportunities, and deal with common retirement problems
Keshav is a small-town guy, who lands up in Delhi for his engineering degree in a well-known college. The twist in his tale is – he does not want to be an engineer. He wants to be an author. When fate brings him face to face with Aditi, he is stumped by her beauty and heavenly voice. Like him, her dreams lie elsewhere. She aspires to be a singer, and not an engineer. They bond over their dreams and passion, and a deep bond is forged. But just when things are going great between the two, a turning point pulls them apart. While she leaves him to pursue her dreams, he plunges into depression and anxiety. My Happily Ever After is a heartwarming tale of electrifying friendships, life-altering dreams, and everlasting love which will motivate you to live the life of your dreams.
The dream reunion is right around the corner.isn't it? For most military couples, the long-awaited reunion can bring some challenges along with the joy. Amy shares strategies for building relationships that last through deployments and beyond. Her role-playing exercises, personal examples, and team building strategies have helped military marriages, family readiness groups, and extended family members grow stronger through the deployment cycle. Amy shares her techniques for setting expectations and improving genuine communication, which contribute to the successful reunion. A humorous and understanding look at life after deployment is presented in a way that immediately improves relationships and offers encouragement for marriages that are experiencing great change.
Louis Silberman and his ex-wife Shelley Cook guide you through the seemingly endless maze of post-divorce drama with brutal honesty and compassion. Find out how they managed to go from bitter enemies to good friends--and even co-workers by choice! Louis and Shelley are real people who have been in the trenches of divorce and figured out through trial and error how to make the impossible, possible. You'll learn that you and your children are not alone in your life's struggle as you read their story along with scores of others who share their pain, parental worries, hope and inspiration. You'll also discover proven methods of reducing stress, managing your anger, dodging your ex's verbal bullets, "getting back in the game" and most importantly, helping your children flourish both mentally and emotionally. Real people. Real stories. Real solutions.
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