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This book is about: • surviving when you’re broke • how happy people think – and how you can be like them • liking yourself before you lose that extra weight • persevering after you get the sack • being happy before you meet your dream partner – and when they become a ‘learning experience!’ Filled with Andrew’s charming cartoons, and inspiring stories of people who have lost everything they had or almost been beaten by alcohol, illness, abuse or outrageous misfortune, Happiness in Hard Times shows us how we too can find our way through the pain to the contentment that seems out of reach.
Pema Chödrön reveals the vast potential for happiness, wisdom and courage even in the most painful circumstances.
At last, a book that teenagers want to read! Do you ever wish: you were older you had more money? you looked different? Do you ever feel, "No one understands me!" Do you ever wonder, "Will I fall in love?" Do you ever ask, "Am I normal?" If you answered "yes" to half of the above, you will find this book very helpful!
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*You are never alone when you are experiencing hardship. Everyone, in one way or the other, has experienced downturns in life.*How you react to stress, anxiety, fear, or sadness is a result of how you look at yourself as well as the environment that surrounds you.*True happiness can only be found from within. It is a state of contentment that you need to work upon in order to achieve.*Working on happiness involves mindfulness towards your thinking process and actions. You will never find happiness if you never figure out what you want through introspection. *It also involves actively pursuing positivity by practicing gratefulness and kindness to others.*Your family, friends, or support group play a crucial role in fostering your happiness. Establishing beautiful relationships with them is where happiness thrives.*There will always be something negative that will happen. There will also be people who will say hurtful words. As long as you keep in mind that you are responsible for your own happiness, you will have an acceptance that there are just some things that are outside your control.*Sometimes, what's stopping us from being happy is our reliance on a certain comfort zone since the pursuit of happiness also involves daring to take a leap to the unknown for the sake of change which what this pursuit usually implies.*In your journey towards happiness, always remember that the Universe has got your back. Trust in its process. You have to actively work for your own happiness and let it do the rest.The world is now reeling in a crisis that just simply caught everyone off-guard. No one expected the COVID-19 pandemic to have such a profound impact on the global economy and politics. Not each and every one of us had any idea beforehand on how it will impact our personal lives -- whether it was a job loss, being forced into isolation, or the death of a loved one. Whatever form the impact it has brought into your life, there seems that it has caused another pandemic in the midst of all the uncertainty -- the pandemic of sadness. How to be Happy Even in Hard Times provides insights that will help you manage the stress and sadness you might be feeling right now. It provides a perspective on how to handle things with the help of positivity and kindness.The solution it gives can sound so simple -- as if we (and somehow we actually do) knew it all along -- but at the same time complex since it is in the doing where it is most challenging. Nonetheless, the answer is nowhere far or unreachable. It can be found within yourself. It is something that you will gain as long as you are willing to work on it and face the challenges and barriers that come your way.The book also defines happiness in the simplest and humblest of things. It is not found in material possession or passing external stimuli. It is a state that can be achieved through mindfulness, acceptance, love, and kindness. It is something that you have within but will only blossom when you open yourself to the love and support of family and friends.How do we achieve this? The book outlines both practical tips as well as realizations learned by the author from her experiences herself. It is all about your mindset as well as taking care of your body and the feelings of others around you. The best piece of advice that it could give, most especially because things are uncertain nowadays, is to trust the process of the Universe. As long as you have positivity and gratefulness as your intention, the Universe will receive this energy and pass it on in its cycle in which you are a part of. You only have to trust this alongside giving your best effort towards the path of happiness. You don't have to worry, the Universe has got your back.
HOW LIFE WORKS is about why the same things keep happening to you. It is about: How to find the love of your life How to find the work you love Why some people always fall on their feet - and how you can be like them. HOW LIFE WORKS explains why: It's not WHAT you know it's not WHO you know It's all about how you FEEL.
Even when everything is going wrong, the science of happiness can help you! Pioneering positive psychologist and New York Times–bestselling author Tal Ben-Shahar shows us how in Happier, No Matter What. Ben-Shahar busts the all-too-common ideas that success brings happiness and that we can seek happiness itself. When hard times thwart our success and steal our joy, these ideas actually invite despair by leaving us with nothing to do. But we can do something: We can climb the SPIRE—Ben-Shahar’s five-step staircase to hope and purpose. Spiritual: I am experiencing meaning. Physical: My body’s needs are met. Intellectual: I am learning. Relational: My friends support me. Emotional: I am allowed to feel. By truly living these five elements of well-being, we build the resilience to carry us through anything—from a personal loss to a global pandemic. Ben-Shahar’s all-new SPIRE method shows us the way to becoming “whole again”—and when we’re whole, we invite happiness in.
FOLLOW YOUR HEART is about: doing what you love dealing with bills and broken legs discovering your own power finding peace of mind dealing with disasters not blaming your mother. It's about: how HAPPY people think why RICH people make money, even by accident what LOSERS do, and how not to be like them!

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