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Yuusuke has finally earned the keys to paradise! With a brand-new apartment and a bevy of beautiful neighbors, things are bound to get interesting in no time. But what if this busy, happy house suddenly turns into the hottest harem on the block? Hard Temptation piles on pleasure after pleasure with a gorgeous cast of naughty next-door ladies and the luckiest young man on the planet! How can a guy feel bad about cheating when his partners are this incredible? But will regret finally find a way to spoil the all-night party?
Regarding the writings of Isaac, to date, The Mystic Treatises, is perhaps one of, if not the most important work of Isaac of Nineveh. It should be pointed out, early on, that the overriding theme of this work was for one to achieve the attainment of God’s love, the consummate union between man and God. To achieve this ecstasy, an aspirant had to acquire a spiritual, rather than an intellectual, knowledge since he should mentally dismiss much of the world. The Mystic Treatises proposes a way using the three stages, proposed by Plotinus of repentance, purification and illumination, which have also been designated the physical, psychic and spiritual levels of man. It should, however, also be quickly pointed out that Isaac did not organize his thoughts systematically, for he intertwined the three stages, with an overall progression. These three being: Repentance, Purification and Illumination. In time, some will set the three as Purification, Illumination, and Unification.
Although they spoke some 2,000 years ago, the early church fathers provided a road map that remains relevant today for understanding the Orthodox Christian Faith and living a Christian life.
Mystic Treatises by Isaac of Niveveh.
When Democrats made ethics the centerpiece of their 2006 campaign, respected bloggers Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan went to work online chronicling the corruption endemic to the Democratic Party. But there's so much more to Democratic corruption than can be told online! In Caucus of Corruption: The Truth About The New Democratic Majority, Margolis and Noonan take dead aim at the ethical leaders of today's ruling party. You'll discover.. Nancy Pelosi's cronyism, campaign finance and immigration law violations . Harry Reid's questionable land deals and connections to disgraced lobbyists and billionaire casino owners. Media darling Barack Obama's cozy relationship with the indicted fundraiser next door. Clinton foot soldier Rahm Emanuel's love for dirty money . William Jefferson's refrigerated $80,000 cash stashand much, much more!The definitive resource on Democratic corruption, Caucus of Corruption is a must-read for conservatives, political junkies, and everyone concerned about the dubious ethics and goalsof the new Democratic ruling class.
PRACTICAL TEACHINGS FOR PEACE AND FULFILLMENT In this clear introduction to the Vedanta philosophy of India, you'll discover a new perspective that can bring inner peace, inner strength and improve your relationships for a happier life. This spiritual book written by Paul Hourihan, an American, introduces these ancient teachings in a way that Westerners, in particular, can easily relate to and understand. Why learn about the teachings of Vedanta? - According to Vedanta, ignorance of our real nature is the cause of our suffering and grief. The practical application of this philosophy is the means to Self-discovery, integration and inner peace for those of all faiths and those with no particular faith. - By stressing the universal truths common to all religions, they provide a unifying basis for mutual understanding and peace in a world increasingly fragmented by opposing beliefs. - They provide a foundation for understanding why a moral and ethical life are necessary. - This knowledge gives us the means for realizing our true identity as Children of Immortal Bliss. Using the teachings of the Upanishads, this study covers the main principles and core concepts of Vedanta and covers important subjects such as meditation, nonattachment. It also provides an overview of the mysticism of India and a summary of the Yoga system of thought, as well as the Bhagavad Gita, another key Vedantic scripture. The last section reveals the universality of these teachings through confirmations of great mystics from other traditions including Plotinus, Lao Tzu, Meister Eckhart and the Sufis of Islam. Vedanta shows the way to inner peace, harmony among all peoples, and respect for all life.

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