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Contains poems chosen to foster a love of language in students of any age level, including works by Robert Louis Stevenson, Longfellow, Frost, and Yeats; and includes dictation selections to help improve writing ability, and study questions for many of the poems.
A combination of writing about food and food traditions, descriptions of cultural and religious traditions where food is central (from Haiti soup night to a recipe for a dish to break the fast of Ramadan). The book is broken into parts: seeds; flowering; harvest; compost. She includes Judeo-Christian, Haitian, Turkish, Muslim, African, Mexican, traditions, both religious and secular, around food and how people use food to soothe, celebrate, commemorate, grieve, and connect with each other. The author is active in the sustainable eating movement and writes regularly for the Huffington Post (meatless Monday blog); Gourmet; and local Miami newsletters.
Elvira Perkins was one of the first people to arrive in Oregon. She stayed there for 20 years. During those 20 years, she and her husband had many adventures, including saving an Indian boy from being buried alive. She wrote a lot of those adventures down in the form of poetry. From saving lives to losing them, this book is a wonderful read for anyone who likes poetry.
Harps, instruments of ancient origin have joined humankind throughout its history: the gems among the instruments in the empires of antiquity, the accompanying instruments of the songs performed by medieval monks, wandering minstrels and gallant knights, favourites of burghers, and the queen of instruments, as many say. They served as the decorative or symbolic components of artistic representations arcing over times. We do not only get familiar with the varieties, the development and the most excellent virtuosos of harps, but we are also given a comprehensive view of their historical and philosophical background, the role they played in different eras during which, these instruments of peculiar and mysteriously attractive sound "always represented joy, comfort and beauty”.

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