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You've finally left the comforts of mom and dad's nest to strike out on your own... but you have no clue how to do your own laundry. Or cook. Or manage your finances. Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don't worry. We've got you covered. The Art of Manliness' Heading Out on Your Own: 31 Basic Life Skills in 31 Days is a primer on becoming a well-adjusted, self-reliant adult. In it you'll find the basic life skills you need to survive and thrive on your own. In 31 days, you'll learn skills like how to: Do Laundry - Ace a Job Interview - Create a Budget - Make Small Talk- Rent Your First Apartment - Shop for Groceries - Live With Roommates - Maintain Your Car - Cook - Iron a Dress Shirt - And Much More!
A stranger. A small town. The wife of the town's richest man. There’s no stopping what’s about to happen in this searing new novel from million copy bestseller, Robert Goolrick. For fans of The Help, Tigers in Red Weather and The Great Gatsby. It is the summer of 1948 when a handsome, charismatic stranger, Charlie Beale, back from war in Europe, shows up in the sleepy town of Brownsburg, Virginia. All he has with him are two suitcases: one contains a fine set of butcher knives; the other is full of money. Charlie should have turned around and walked back the other way, for what follows – the most passionate and tragic story of a forbidden love affair – will threaten to destroy everything and everyone in its path. Told through the eyes of Sam, a young boy in the town whose world is changed forever by the events of that single year, Heading Out to Wonderful is a suspenseful masterpiece, a haunting, heart-stopping novel of obsession and love gone terribly wrong in a place where once upon a time such things could happen.
Room For One In The Back Of The Wagon, is the story about a family traveling west along the Oregon Trail and the many challenges they face along the way. Traveling The Oregon Trail With Our Family Bible, is the story of one young woman and her family heading out West using the Oregon Trail Along for the ride is an ex-army soldier with a troubled past. A New Family Is Formed Along The Oregon Trail, is the story of a young woman who lost her parents at the start of their journey west along the Oregon Trail. The Western Mail Order Bride: Up From The South With Her Slave, is a very moving story about a rebellious and not very pleasant young woman sent out west as a mail order bride, and forced by her aunt to take along her sick slave so that the slave can breathe in some better air, and hopefully, get better.
Who are the real campers? Through-hiking backpackers traversing the Appalachian Trail? The family in an SUV making a tour of national parks and sleeping in tents at campgrounds? People committed to the RV lifestyle who move their homes from state to state as season and whim dictate? Terence Young would say: all of the above. Camping is one of the country's most popular pastimes—tens of millions of Americans go camping every year. Whether on foot, on horseback, or in RVs, campers have been enjoying themselves for well more than a century, during which time camping’s appeal has shifted and evolved. In Heading Out, Young takes readers into nature and explores with them the history of camping in the United States.Young shows how camping progressed from an impulse among city-dwellers to seek temporary retreat from their exhausting everyday surroundings to a form of recreation so popular that an industry grew up around it to provide an endless supply of ever-lighter and more convenient gear. Young humanizes camping’s history by spotlighting key figures in its development and a sampling of the campers and the variety of their excursions. Readers will meet William H. H. Murray, who launched a craze for camping in 1869; Mary Bedell, who car camped around America for 12,000 miles in 1922; William Trent Jr., who struggled to end racial segregation in national park campgrounds before World War II; and Carolyn Patterson, who worked with the U.S. Department of State in the 1960s and 1970s to introduce foreign service personnel to the "real" America through trailer camping. These and many additional characters give readers a reason to don a headlamp, pull up a chair beside the campfire, and discover the invigorating and refreshing history of sleeping under the stars.
Musaicum Books presents to you this meticulously edited Arnold Bennett collection. This ebook has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Content: Novels: A Man from the North The Grand Babylon Hotel Anna of the Five Towns Leonora A Great Man Teresa of Watling Street Sacred and Profane Love Hugo The Ghost- A Modern Fantasy The City of Pleasure: A Fantasia on Modern Themes Buried Alive The Old Wives' Tale Clayhanger Denry the Audacious Helen with the High Hand The Card Hilda Lessways The Plain Man and His Wife The Regent: A Five Towns Story of Adventure in London The Price of Love From the log of the Velsa These Twain The Pretty Lady The Roll-Call The Lion's Share Mr.Prohack Lilian Riceyman Steps Short Stories Collections: Tales of the Five Towns The Grim Smile of the Five Towns The Matador of the Five Towns The Loot of Cities Mr. Penfound's Two Burglars Midnight at the Grand Babylon The Police Station The Adventure of the Prima Donna The Episode in Room 222 Saturday to Monday A Dinner at the Louvre Plays: What the Public Wants The Honeymoon The Great Adventure The Title Judith Non-Fiction: Journalism For Women The Truth about an Author How to Become an Author The Reasonable Life Literary Taste: How to Form It How to Live on 24 Hours a Day The Feast of St. Friend: A Christmas Book Mental Efficiency Those United States Friendship and Happiness Paris Nights and Other Impressions of Places and People The Author's Craft Over There: War Scenes on the Western Front Books and Persons: Selections from The New Age 1908-1911 Self and Self-Management Things That Have Interested Me The Human Machine
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If you’ve never flown alone, navigated your way through a European train station, or figured out what to pack for 2 weeks in Mexico…if you have no idea how to get from O’Hare airport to downtown Chicago, or what to do if your wallet is stolen when you’re 600 miles from home…don’t panic. Just stick this guide in your backpack and hit the road! With more than a million miles under his belt as a travel pro, Peter Greenberg has all the tricks and travel secrets to help first-time travelers get where they’re going safely and with a maximum amount of fun/style/adventure/cool. Tips include: ·Special air and train ticket deals for students ·What to pack for 1 week, 2 weeks, and 4-8 weeks ·How to decode train stations in any language ·How to get around in most major U.S. cities ·Cost comparison of air, bus, car, and train travel ·All about youth hostels and other cheap sleeps ·How to cope if a friend abandons you in the middle of a trip Whether you’re making your first trips to visit out-of-state colleges, hitting the road for Spring Break, or just visiting relatives, the Real U Guide to Traveling on Your Own is your ticket to an excellent adventure.
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