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Healing Gardens celebrates renewed interest in nature as a catalyst for healing and renewal by examining the different therapeutic benefits of healing gardens and offering essential design guidance from experts in the field. Generously supplemented with photographs, site plans, anecdotes, and more, Healing Gardens is a practical guide for landscape architects and others involved in creating and maintaining medical facilities, and useful reference for those responsible for patient care.
The "healing garden" is an evolving concept that is gaining popularity today. What is a healing garden? Why is one garden called a healing garden and not another? How is a healing garden defined? In what way are gardens healing? This thesis describes the ways in which healing gardens are beneficial in healthcare and residential settings. A set of guidelines for the design of healing gardens is created as a result of research findings as well as three design projects that are illustrated in the document.
The author demonstrates how alternative therapies such as meditation, aromatherapy, feng shui, and color therapy can be put into practice in the home garden for maximum results. 80 color photos.
“For those who believe in the healing power of nature, or those who are interested in the history of therapeutic garden design and philosophies, Therapeutic Gardens is a great resource and a fascinating book.” —NYBG’s Plant Talk In Therapeutic Gardens, landscape architect Daniel Winterbottom and occupational therapist Amy Wagenfeld present an innovative approach that translates therapeutic design principles into practice. This comprehensive book uses examples from around the world to demonstrate how healing spaces can be designed to support learning, movement, sensory nurturance, and reconciliation, as well as improved health. This important book sheds lights on how the combined strength of multiple disciplines provide the tools necessary to design meaningful and successful landscapes for those in the greatest need.
A guide to planting so that you can unleash the healing properties of your garden. Completely revised and rewritten, Sue Minter's beautiful book on the healing properties of plants shows the layman how to harness the healing potential of his own garden. The text covers both the history of plants that help humans, together with practical advice on creating a garden with healing porperties - from plants for minor ailments, to plants for a macro-biotic diet, to a secret garden as a fantasy, scented gardens, textured gardens, healing sounds, or, perhaps, a special feature such as a white garden. Extremely practical, it offers clear, step-by-step advice for gardeners with easily accessible charts for plant uses, how they should be applied and when and where to grow them. *An indispensable book to all those who want to enjoy the benefits of a garden that can heal. *New exhibit at Eden Project on Plants for Health coming end 2004. *Topical - after 50 years in the wilderness, the medicinal uses of plants are now increasingly acknowledged by mainstream medics and are regularly the subject of news reports. *Current focus at Kew is researching medicinal use of plants.
"If you find...that your 'garden is not a hobby, ' but a 'fascination, an amazement and a healing place to unleash yourself, ' then you will find that she speaks to your green soul". -- WHOLife magazine More than ever, Canadians are turning to natural and spiritual ways of rejuvenating the mind and body. That's why Marjorie Harris' The Healing Garden is so timely: in her own friendly style, she thoughtfully explores how gardens can restore, teach, soothe and heal our minds and souls From a historical look at the healing garden, to contemporary horticultural therapy and a useful look at designing your own healing garden, The Healing Garden is a wonderful gift book for gardeners and anyone interested in the special relationship between our inner and outer landscape.

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