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Everyone is affected by color. We use colors to describe our physical health, our emotions, even our spiritual experiences. Now you can learn how to use color to restore health and balance energy. Popular author Ted Andrews presents an effective system for developing your innate healing skills, including a chart that lists the beneficial colors for over fifty physical conditions. With this easy-to-follow guide, you will learn the basics of color healing, why it works, and simple techniques for healing yourself and others using colored lights, candles, cloths, and charged water. Discover how to: • Use color to balance and restore your energy • Determine which colors you need using simple assessments • Project and absorb the healing properties of color • Develop the ability to "sense" color with easy, fun exercises
Viewed as the wheel of life and the key to self-knowledge inancient traditions, a mandala is a symbolic spiritual imagewhich, when meditated on, can bring about profound innertransformation. Tapping into the power of the mandala this book focuses on the emotional and spiritual healing of the self. With 30 evocative mandalas each accompanied by an inspiring meditation Healing Mandalas will address key issues, ease anxieties and insecurities, bring about change, and help readers to regain personal balance. The exercises are accessible to the first-time meditator, but will also appeal to more experienced practitioners. Encouraging the reader to relax and experience a healing journey this book begins by looking at the mysteries of the mind and the inner self, spreading out to encompass the healing of relationship, and finally guiding them to discover and harness their own inner strength during challenging times.
This coloring book of traditional circular designs is for adults to use for meditation, healing, or creative fun, with 48 designs plus color art. Includes patterns inspired by forms of nature, Native American and Tibetan sand paintings, Hindu yantras, and the art of M.C. Escher.
Running a crystal workshop was the last place that I expected to be given a message by Archangel Gabriel. The student who received the message was as surprised as I was. She was lying in a crystal grid and suddenly told me there was a great big angel standing by her. Gabriel asked her to tell me that Archangel Metatron wanted to connect with me and that was the start of my connection with not only Metatron, but all of the wonderful Angels of Atlantis. I was told that by working with them I am fulfilling a promise that I made before I was born to help bring a message of love and peace to the world. They are the most beautiful beings of love and light and I feel honoured to bring you their healing messages and mandalas.
Mandalas 21 Healing Mandalas for Relaxation, Peace of Mind and Stress Relief (Stress Free, Creativity, Meditation, Drawing for Beginners) KINDLE USERS - We Are Thinking Of You. Since you can't download this book from your Kindle device - We put a link of a printable PDF version at the end of the book. Print the PDF on large 8.5x11 high quality paper and let your creativity to do the rest. Are you ready to relieve stress and get creative? Our Mandalas: 21 Healing Mandalas for Relaxation, Peace of Mind and Stress Relief is exactly what you need. You'll benefit by reducing your stress and anxiety after a long, hard day. Coloring has also been shown to increase your creativity. How does coloring help stress for adults? It's been scientifically proven to help you take your attention away from your problems. This is the first step to stress relief. Because coloring regulates your amygdala, you get therapeutic relief from stress. You get a small dose of dopamine when you color which helps reduce anxiety and fear. Neuroscience has proven that when we stimulate this area of our brain to produce positive feelings, it can literally rewire our brains. Coloring can now be thought of as a very inexpensive and creative therapy session. Since it requires focus, even if you only color for a short period of time, it can improve symptoms associated with ADD. Why choose this coloring book? This book provides 21 patterns to provide you with the ultimate coloring experience. You get to be creative and be transported back in time to your carefree childhood days. It's time to unwind with one of the most popular relaxation methods available: adult coloring. Find out for yourself just why adult coloring has become amazingly popular. Choose the best picture that suits your day and start coloring. Our digital version means that you can print out high quality digital images and color until your heart's content!
50 unique coloring pages featuring mandalas, Variety of levels of difficulty. There's something for everyone from intricate designs to simple ones for quick color toward the back. Simply sit back, relax, and choose the design that connects with you. Then color in the mandalas with your choice of color pencil, pen, marker, and/or crayon. One Image Per Page, Each image is printed on black-backed pages to prevent bleed-through. High-resolution images. Surprise that special someone in your life and make them smile. Buy two copies and enjoy coloring together. Buy Now, Start Coloring, and Relax.