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The hope of eternal existence is the dream of humankind and for centuries science has invested lots of money in the search for new medicines, techniques, tools and methods that can, if not allow us to live forever, at least allow us to live for as long as possible and in good health.
Honouring the value of YOU is the key essence that Jesus Healing Meditation unlocks within you. The Power of Love and Light through the three fold flame of Christ Consciousness embeds the fire power of Divine love within your cellular memory. Remembering your truth honours your life with the order of your divine plan. AUTHOR: Tetka Rhu
First published in 1932, this little book from Swami Paramananda, the highly-regarded Vedanta philosopher and teacher, contains nine guided meditations—one each for the individual to address life’s problems and issues. “THERE is nothing so potent as meditation to re-establish our rhythm when our mind is tossed by the waves of unruly thought. “There is no ill in life that cannot be cured by right meditation. “True meditation purifies our mind and clarifies our vision. “True meditation gives us, as it were, wings for flight to a higher realm and thus detaches us from terrestrial fetters. “It is through the habit of meditation we overcome all our sorrows and afflictions. “For every ill there is a meditation. There is the Meditation of Life, Meditation of Light, Meditation of Purity, Meditation of Humility, Meditation of Joy, Meditation of Freedom, Meditation of Love, Meditation of Wisdom, Meditation of Peace.”—Swami Paramananda
Conversations with Stones contains information for connecting with 68 high vibration stones. Accompanying each one you will find a message channeled directly from the crystals, followed by its metaphysical uses and a meditation to help you connect to the energy of that stone. You will learn how to use crystal grids for manifestation and visualization, how to form you own Crystal Club, and how to talk to your own stones at home. Stones have been here since the beginning of time, watching our planet form among the stars, seeing our earthly plants breath their first breath, cheering us on as we took our first steps. Each crystal has its own unique spirit, and its own driving mission. Many of the crystals and minerals in this book are quite rare or unusual. Every stone is special, with its own energy signature and message for you, the bearer. Small or large, each one is a powerful tool for connecting with the divine and shifting your vibration.
An easy to follow guide created for those who are seeking a deeper understanding of the phenomena known as Spiritual Healing.
★★ Buy the Paperback version of this Book and get the E-Book for FREE ★★ Do you want to meditate to a script that will reduce anxiety and increase self-healing? If so then keep reading... Do you get stressed out on a regular basis? Do you lack willpower? Do you experience sleeping issues such as insomnia? Do you suffer from anxiety? If so, this book will help you to reduce or eliminate these problems by reading relaxing content so you can relax and rest more easily. In Guided Self-Healing Meditations, you will discover: A relaxing meditation script that will help you to relieve stress. The best meditation used to reduce anxiety. The easiest meditation techniques to increase willpower. Why following this script will prevent you from feeling tired and drained. And much, much more These proven teachings are so easy to follow, even if you've never tried meditation before, you will still be able to find success with this soothing material. So, if you are ready to start your journey to having a more fulfilling life, then click "Add to Cart" in the top right corner NOW!
Healing Meditations covers self-hypnosis, lucid dreaming, Anger Management, conflict resolution, memory retention for students, relaxation and how to increased healing from illnesses.

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